Why Landing Pages Are Better for Marketing than Webpages

Why landing pages are better for marketing than webpages.

Most people think that landing pages are similar to or the same as regular website pages. However, there really is a world of difference between these two pages. Landing pages are specifically designed for marketing with one goal; converting leads from inbound marketing traffic. Landing pages eliminate the distractions associated with regular product pages by focusing on just one message.

Webpages, on the other hand, are designed to provide more information about products and services to your visitors. Usually, these pages feature general content, with a mission to appeal to potential customers. Webpages introduce your brand, educate customers about your product, and provide links to other pages on your website for easier navigation.

Why Use Landing Pages

Savvy inbound marketers should take advantage of landing page marketing for many reasons. Unlike other webpages, you can achieve the following easily with a landing page;

1. Generate leads

A well-designed landing page is the best recipe for marketers looking to improve their lead generation efforts. Sending traffic generated from email, social media, and other marketing efforts to your homepage is equivalent to throwing away leads. You can capture such leads at a higher rate by directing them to targeted landing pages. As mentioned, landing pages have one goal, they focus on one product/service and have a single intended action. As such, a landing page is typically at a unique domain or subdomain other than the primary business website domain.

2. Collect demographic information

Getting insights about your prospects is an essential part of marketing. However, this cannot be possible if your traffic is directed to general webpages. Your marketing team can collect valuable information with ease every time a visitor completes a conversion form on your landing page. You can use this information to learn about your website visitors and develop an effective marketing persona.

3. Understand engaged prospects

Landing pages make it easy to generate new leads and track reconversions of pre-existing leads. Furthermore, you can use this information to identify prospects who are more engaged in your business, products, and services. Making it easy to collect intelligence on your prospects’ behaviors and actions on your website. As a result, your marketing team can use such information in the sales process.

4. Fuel other marketing strategies

A successful inbound marketing campaign significantly relies on content. As such, landing pages provide a great addition to any online marketer’s content arsenal. Landing pages are easily shareable through social media. As well as, used in lead nurturing campaigns, linked to PPC ads, promoted through organic search. And used as the point of focus in dedicated emails.

5. Provide insights on the effectiveness of your marketing

Creating a landing page is equivalent to creating an additional data set for your marketing strategy. Tracking and analyzing metrics from your landing page makes it possible to collect insights about your marketing performance. Therefore, such insights can help in designing an improved and optimized marketing campaign.

The Bottom Line

Unlike landing pages with simplified design and no distractions, webpages are part of the entire website. As such, they contain standard designs and navigation items. Webpages can feature the about page, company information, blog, services, and more. With such a wide array of information, it can be difficult to promote a unique offer about products or send a specific message. This is why landing pages can be a better marketing tool. Especially for specific campaigns while a website is totally needed for your primary brand footprint online. Landing pages, as noted, are designed with one call to action, focused on one end product or service. They eliminate navigation and often feature a giveaway or special offer to the visitor.

So the key is knowing what your need is. Is it for people to find your company and products?  Enhance your website. Is it to drive conversions on a specific marketing campaign? Then consider a landing page.