How to Use Facebook Messenger to Sell more E-Commerce Products


When Facebook was launched, no one knew that it would become the biggest social media platform in the western world. Currently, Facebook has over one billion users globally, and 64% of those users are also using Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger is Facebook’s messaging app that gives users the opportunity of carrying out private conversations with friends, family, and Groups. The app supports sharing of video, audio recordings, photos, and links. In 2011, businesses were allowed to use the Messenger app on their Facebook Pages and more recently on WooCommerce. Here is how to use Facebook Messenger to sell more e-Commerce products.

WooCommerce is one of the top systems for e-commerce sales, and millions of businesses around the globe use it for online purchases. Facebook Messenger is an essential tool in making more sales for e-commerce products that companies should utilize. There are millions of businesses that are using Messenger on their WooCommerce site. However, the majority of companies are struggling to turn leads into conversions on Facebook because of simple mistakes. Every WooCommerce business can harness the power of Facebook Messenger if they have the right set up to drive sales.

How to drive sales using Facebook Messenger

E-commerce products are easy to distribute to customers all over the world, and Facebook Messenger provides a unique opportunity to grow your sales. The app allows potential customers to browse through your catalog without needing to access your website. As a business owner, you should be investing in a Buy Button so that users can buy products using Messenger. The app comes with an inbuilt payment option, and it pulls the mailing information from the user account if it’s available. You can also send the receipts and shipment notification straight to the customer via Messenger in the thread of the existing conversation.

Set up a quality live chat and bot

Facebook live chats can be engaging, but most businesses settle for mediocre strategies when setting up their live chat. Facebook users indicate that most live chats just aren’t useful. Hence, it should be your priority to keep the live chat exciting and full of valuable information for your consumer. Be precise when answering customer questions, and offer additional information that contributes positively to decision making. You can use a chatbot to solve simple and straight forward problems and questions that your customers ask. A good chatbot has straightforward answers and for that, you will need a thorough set of frequently asked questions.

Collect feedback from customers

Customer feedback is essential in understanding the things that satisfy your customers and those that don’t. Understanding the source of customer satisfaction helps you to replicate those activities with other e-commerce products. Satisfied customers are also more likely to share their experiences with your brand and products with other users, which is a powerful marketing strategy. Understanding what turns off leads will lead to improvements you can implement to improve lead conversions. By using the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin you can use your Facebook pixel to track conversions, and find out what actions customers are taking once an item is in their cart.

Give out Small Gifts to potential Leads

People value free items and it helps build trust. Free stuff is even more valuable when it adds immense value to the life of your potential lead. Giving small gifts to leads you’re nurturing inspires further trust and loyalty to your brand. Gifts do not need to be monetary, they can include tips for DIY projects, useful articles or valuable advice. Messenger can be used as the delivery mechanism for these free offers. When automated using a chatbot, it can be a hands-off process delivering a quality experience.

Entertainment and Edutainment

Social media thrives on the entertainment aspect and you should integrate this along with Edutainment (informative items done in a fun and social way) into your Facebook Messenger interactions with clients. Putting a smile on a customer is a priority for every business owner. It also creates a bond with your clients since you are not always communicating with them for marketing purposes only. Clients want to feel like part of a community, not just a customer.

In Summary

Use Facebook Messenger to Sell more E-Commerce Products. Facebook Messenger is an innovative new tool for lead generation, marketing, and sales conversion. It’s also a great way to interact with your customers on a one-on-one basis. Adding Facebook Messenger to your WooCommerce website can do wonders in improving your overall sales, while giving you additional insight into your customers shopping habits.