How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Revenue

Cup of coffee and mobile phone showing an Instagram page.

With more than one million active monthly users, Instagram is no longer a platform for random selfies. The platform remains one of the most widely used social media channels, thus it’s an excellent marketing platform for brands and companies. Its unique photo sharing nature offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for companies to gain visibility and engage with customers easily. Top brands, such as Adidas, Glossier, and Nike are leveraging the platform to inspire purchases, showing that implementing the right Instagram marketing strategy is key to growing your sales.

That said, below are some tips on how to use Instagram to grow your revenue.

1. Grow Real and Engaged Following

The buzz surrounding Instagram and other social media platforms may sway you to neglect the basics. When looking to grow your revenue, ensure that you have a real and authentic following, who can make purchases. Spamming and buying followers may increase the number of followers you have, but very few will then be your target audience.

Therefore, instead of buying followers and spamming people through DMs, grow your Instagram following through smart automation and active presence. The best way to achieve this is by engaging with people through liking, commenting, and sharing posts from users within your target market and posting regular updates to remain active.

2. Post Compelling Images

Instagram is undoubtedly a visual platform. As such, you should share high-quality images, which should be not only creative but also eye-catching. You should invest in crystal-clear photos of products that enable followers to recognize your brand instantly. All the photos posted on Instagram should match your overall branding and business strategy to convey an authentic brand feeling to potential customers.

Uploading images to Instagram requires that you identify an aesthetic and stick to it. This applies to captions as well. Avoid switching between different tones and tenses. Including some stock images in your photo updates can add some variety to your posts. You can find exhilarating images from various royalty-free photo websites that complement the aesthetic of your brand.

3. The Power of Hashtags

Hashtags are another incredible method of attracting target customers and boosting sales. Just like Twitter, using the relevant hashtags in the right combination makes it easier for your target customers to find you and increase awareness. A major challenge with this is finding the right combination of effective hashtags. You should conduct extensive research to find a balanced mix of both common yet unique hashtags to add to the caption of your Instagram posts. Most brands achieve this by experimenting with different combinations.

4. Use Instagram Influencers

Influencers, regardless of the social media platform, are personalities with a significant following and an established audience. Their audience often looks to their updates for purchase advice and recommendations. Taking advantage of their influencing power to promote your brand can grow your sales and, ultimately, revenue.

Instagram, being a highly visual platform, offers the best platform to reach your target audience through influencers. You should develop an Instagram influencer marketing strategy to help in generating higher traffic, more engagements, and increased conversions. While you might have to pay for influencer marketing, you can offer product samples or discounts as well. Beauty brands, for instance, can lure celebrities to promote their products by providing free beauty product samples.

Bottom Line

Social media marketing is in constant evolution, and Instagram isn’t an exception. As more and more people sign up for the platform, you should adopt strategic measures to grow your brand, reach target customers, and increase conversions. When promoting your products on the platform, avoid the use of pushy or salesy posts. Instead, leverage user-generated content and reviews from customers. If you have a marketing budget, you can use Instagram Ads and run retargeting campaigns for increased brand awareness.