How to Use Messenger Bots to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Mobile phone on desk showing a messenger bot to help drive traffic to a website.

The popularity of AI chatbot use in marketing is steadily increasing. More and more businesses find that they can use bots to remain “open” 24/7. Particularly when the pandemic closed physical stores, online communication areas on websites became even more critical. Chatbots are able to answer consumer queries immediately and accurately. Additionally, bots are excellent at engaging consumers for lead nurturing purposes. You can also use messenger bots to drive traffic to your website. And using a bot is also very affordable.

These are just some of the reasons marketers are warming up to Messenger bots. According to Facebook, there are currently over 300,000 bots on Messenger.

Unfortunately, many businesses and marketers struggle to generate traffic using Messenger chatbots. To help you succeed, we’ve rounded up four proven tips to drive more traffic to your website using Messenger bots.

1. Drive traffic with chat blast messages

You likely know how email blasts work. Firstly, you choose a category of contacts. Then you send all of them the same message simultaneously with the click of a button. Message blasts on Messenger work the same way, except you’ll be sending a blast chat message rather than an email.

Make sure you send blast messages that guarantee website traffic. Excellent examples include webinar invites and product release updates. Additionally, make sure you include a link, so interested recipients can click and visit your website. The best part is that the Facebook Messenger chat blast feature is completely free if you follow certain guidelines.

2. Offer exclusive content/services via Chat

Many businesses have apps that offer exclusive content or services. The apps are programmed to display offers in the middle of conversations. These offers often include links that the user can click to visit the related website for more information. You can set up a similar campaign using Messenger chatbots.

One innovative money transfer service, RemitRadar, shows users several offers and services during engagement sessions. Messages such as “Learn about our international mobile payments,” “Request exchange rates,” and “Find other money transfer locations” pop up throughout the conversation, and users can click to view more.

You should use offers and services that relate directly to your niche. Ensure you always include a link back to your website, so consumers can find more information as needed.

3. Direct more traffic with the comment guard chatbot

The comment guard chatbot from Facebook is an auto-responder bot that sends automatic responses to engaged users. Responses can be triggered every time a user comments on a specific post or any post in a selected feed. Alternatively, you can select messages and phrases that trigger a certain response. In the latter case, an auto-response is only sent if the comment contains one or more of the predetermined words/phrases.

In the automated response, you can ask the commenter to visit your website or to provide more information about their comment/query with a link to your website. Additionally, anyone who interacts with your chatbot becomes an automatic Messenger contact that you can engage with via messages.

4. Use Messenger bots to grow your email/subscription lists

Subscription lists are the lifeline of online businesses. They are the primary source of organic traffic, hot leads, and sales. Messenger chatbots can be instrumental in growing your email and other subscription lists.

For example, savvy marketers can ask users within the chat to subscribe to an email newsletter. You can also ask already subscribed email users to subscribe to your Messenger updates. Another possibility is integrating with a third-party newsletter subscription platform such as MailChimp. These added subscriptions guarantee organic traffic to your website in the future.

Bonus Tips

In addition to the four tips above on using messenger bots to drive traffic on your website, you should also consider Click-to-Messenger ads. As well as placing your chatbot in the discovery section of Messenger. Click-to-Messenger ads send people into a conversation with your business on Messenger, which can generate organic traffic. Therefore, by placing your chatbot in the discovery section of Messenger you increase your visibility and guarantee a traffic boost.