Is X Premium Worth It for Businesses?

Having a blue checkmark on X (formerly Twitter) used to mean something. It showed that you had a certain number of followers and that you had verified your identity. Since the platform changed hands in 2022, the verification tick now just means you’re willing and able to pay $3, $8, or $16 a month for added reach.

With this subscription model, users pay for additional features and benefits in packages known as X Premium tiers. This allows them to receive verification badges and get priority over non-verified users in user feeds. But the question remains: Is X Premium worth it for businesses? Join us as we explore the features offered by the subscription plans and whether they are worth the price.

X Premium Explained

When Elon Musk bought Twitter in 2022, a subscription model dubbed Twitter Blue was implemented. This changed the way the platform handled verification. Although the blue verification icon was originally launched in 2021, users didn’t have to pay for it. Initially, users only had to meet some vital criteria, such as having a certain amount of Twitter followers and proving their identity with an authentic ID. With this, they could apply for and get the verification mark.

In November 2022, Musk relaunched the Twitter Blue subscription model at $8 a month or $84 a year in an attempt to generate more revenue. This came with the promise of elevating user experience on the platform. In October 2023, shortly after Twitter was rebranded as X, Twitter Blue became X Premium.

This opt-in, paid subscription offers additional features and three different tiers:

  • Basic: This tier starts at $3/month or $32/year and gives users access to some features.
  • Premium: This costs $8/month or $84/year. It offers all Basic features plus a few extra ones that could be useful for businesses.
  • Premium+: At $16/month or $168/year, this tier offers all Premium features, gives your replies a bigger boost, and removes ads.

Features Offered by X Premium

X Premium offers several features designed to improve user experience and personalize the X app. Some of the main features include:

  • Edit and Undo Posts

This feature gives you a one-hour window to edit your published posts. You can fix typos, reorder media, and add tags.

  • Limit Ads

Reduces ads in the For You and Following timelines by about 50%. X Premium+ subscribers get a completely ad-free experience.

  • Longer Posts

X Premium subscribers can post up to 25,000 characters, bypassing the original 280-character limit.

  • Boost Other X Accounts

Posts you interact with in conversations and searches will receive a slight boost in their ranking.

  • Text Formatting

You can use italic, bold, strikethrough, underline, strikethrough, or monospace fonts to emphasize or add a touch of style to your message.

  • Highlight Posts

Pin up to three of your best posts, making it easier for followers or visitors to see your most important content. With this, you can promote your products or services, highlight your best content, or share important announcements.

  • Undo Posts

Preview and revise your post before you publish it. This allows you to make sure your post looks exactly how you want it to.

  • Top Articles

Discover the most shared and relevant articles in your network. You can use this feature to learn new things, discover new sources of information, and stay up-to-date on current events.

  • Longer Video Upload

Upload videos up to 3 hours long instead of the usual 2-minute limit. Longer videos allow you to share more stories, details, and insights with your audience.

  • Profile Themes

Change your profile’s look and feel using colors, fonts, and backgrounds that suit your style and mood.

  • Ads Revenue Sharing

Get paid based on organic impressions of ads displayed in your post’s content.

  • Verification

Get the coveted blue checkmark and make it impossible for others to impersonate your business.

Does a Premium Subscription Improve Your Visibility on X?

According to X, a paid subscription gives you a boost to your replies based on your tier. What’s more, X prioritizes X Premium subscribers when it comes to For You recommendations. In turn, this offers a more significant boost in visibility and replies.

Paying for the Premium package will undoubtedly give your business priority over non-verified users. In essence, X Premium offers prioritized visibility of your replies, monetization, and visibility on the For You page.

Is X Premium Worth It?

The features X Premium offers are ideal for brands looking to grow their presence and community on X. While subscribing to the Premium package may not have been important during its initial stages; more accounts are subscribing, increasing competition among businesses. Failure to upgrade could put you at a disadvantage in the long run.

If X is a key component in your social media marketing strategy, getting that verification badge is a wise move. It can help your account grow, increase exposure, and give your business a competitive edge.

X claims to have around 550 million monthly active users. As such, investing in X Premium could extend your reach and boost your engagement. This is great news if you’re using the X platform to give your business more traffic and authority. Just note that it will take time and effort to build a good following and get conversions on X.

Engagement is crucial when it comes to social media marketing. Take advantage of the Premium features to grow your follower count. Consistently post content that is informative, interesting, and engaging to build a reputation as an industry thought leader. 

Bottom Line

Whether X Premium is worth it for businesses depends on your organization’s unique needs and how you use the platform. However, businesses and marketers using X for information and lead generation may find it useful considering the advantage in the algorithm, ads revenue sharing, and overall growth.