Using Social Media AI to Generate Leads and Drive Traffic

Social Media AI

The digital landscape is very fluid, and artificial intelligence plays a significant role in spurring this evolution. The effect of artificial intelligence on marketing strategies and campaigns in recent years cannot be ignored. A Harvard Business Review found that, if used well, artificial intelligence can increase leads by 50% and reduce marketing costs by 60%.

With over 3.5 billion social media users globally, social media marketers have large amounts of data to analyze and interpret. AI-powered tools can help marketers gain valuable insights about their target market while improving marketing campaigns. Digital marketers can drive more traffic and generate leads using social media AI in the following ways:

1. Segmenting prospects

Active social media users include people of different ages, professions, cultures, and other demographic characteristics. As such, identifying and focusing on your target customers can be time-consuming. However, AI-powered CRM solutions make it easy for businesses to collect customer data in a single dashboard.

With these analytics, businesses can segment prospective customers and improve their target lists. For instance, social media users who’ve engaged previously with your posts on different platforms are more likely to convert into leads and customers. AI-driven tools sift through social media data and curate segments of prospective leads. Targeting segmented lists with personalized emails, ads, and other marketing campaigns can improve conversions.

2. Omni-channel marketing to boost lead generation

Omni-channel marketing primarily involves using data gathered from different platforms to create a uniform and highly personalized marketing message to target customers. The three key pillars that determine the success of omni-channel marketing are branding techniques, delivery timing, and message consistency.

Data gathered from social media analytics, like customer interests, demographics, or purchase behaviors, are crucial baseline inputs. This information can help marketers deliver unified marketing messages across different channels. AI-powered analytics solutions provide crucial insights required to optimize omni-channel marketing strategies.

3. Generating leads by increasing brand awareness

As mentioned, there’s enormous data scattered across different platforms. Organizing and analyzing such data manually and creating marketing campaigns based on this data is certainly daunting. Fortunately, AI-powered social analytics solutions can gather everything, including contact info and social media engagements, into one portal within minutes.

These analytic tools store information every time social media users comment on your posts or initiate contact with your business. The AI can also analyze previous data, making it easy for businesses to serve their audience in a personal way. With this, prospects feel valued and more connected with your business. Adding value to prospects increases brand awareness and leads.

4. Boost content marketing efforts

According to recent infographics, content marketing can improve lead generation efforts three times more than outbound marketing strategies. As an added bonus, it is 62% cheaper. As such, any business with lead-generation goals should focus on creating an efficient content marketing strategy. AI-based social media tools can help digital marketers amplify their content marketing efforts and overall ROI.

Social media AI provides crucial insights into the key determinants of content marketing success. These tools can help you identify the best content format, hashtags, publishing timing, and topics that highly resonate with your audience. You’ll also understand content marketing platforms that provide maximum traction. Digital marketers can use insights from AI tools to modify their content marketing strategies for maximum engagement.

5. Social media management

Digital marketers can also use artificial intelligence to manage and optimize social profiles. These tools analyze various metrics and help digital marketers identify viable opportunities for engagement. Optimizing your social media profiles increases the visibility of linked websites, thereby driving more traffic.


AI has significantly affected how businesses approach SEO and content marketing over the past few years. Now digital marketers can use AI technology to create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns, gain valuable insights about their target customers, and more. All these boost lead generation efforts and increase traffic.