New Resource Center Blog for Permalatt Products


Permalatt Products, Inc. has officially launched their new Resource Center (blog site) developed by Digital Hill.

Permalatt came to Digital Hill with the problem of low traffic volumes for their website, which in turn meant fewer leads and sales. The Digital Hill team developed a digital marketing strategy, of which a large piece of that strategy was to create a resource center on Permalatt Products website as part of a focused content marketing plan.

The Website Problems

Let’s start with the problem from the beginning, Permalatt Products had a website that wasn’t performing how they would like it to.  The main problems encountered were:

1.) Low Site Traffic Volumes
2.) High Site Bounce Rates (more on these in a moment)
3.) Limited Ability to Share Content
4.) No Way to Keep their Customers Updated

Now let’s break each of these problems down and how we at Digital Hill solved that problem.

Low Site Traffic Volumes

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Low website traffic can be very discouraging because web visitors are doing nearly 67% of their research online BEFORE contacting a company and you need to ensure your website is delivering a good pitch!  This is why making sure your website content is always up to date and relevant, updating your site is something that must be done. The reason is because when you offer your users up to date and relevant content they are more likely to return or share your information among their social media outlets.

Your company website needs to encourage users to want to come back, if you can get users to share your content you know that the information you are providing is worth their time. Having a user share your content will only have a positive effect by increasing the number of eyes to look at your website, which in turn will increase your website traffic and potentially your sales!

High Site Bounce Rates

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Having high bounce rates can be a very scary thing. There are two possible reasons;

  • one the analytics used in your site may have been improperly placed in the code, or
  • two your site may be very out of date and not provide the information the user is looking for within the first 10 seconds of viewing your website.

The second reason is the more common of the two, but it is always a good idea to double check that your analytics code is always placed correctly and data is properly being displayed.

To fix a high bounce rate can be a time consuming and costly adventure and it is something we at Digital Hill can help you with. Something to keep in mind to help with high bounce rates is to always provide up to date and relevant information, this will keep your user engaged, which will increase the amount of time they stay on your site.

Limited Ability to Share Content

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When clients don’t have the ability to share your content, you are missing an opportunity for business growth. Relying on word of mouth to get people to view your website or attract new business, isn’t a great idea, mainly because some website URL addresses can be tricky to remember.

Giving your user the ability to share your article or content whatever that may be can only increase the number of leads you obtain through your website. The more you attract, the more leads you have potential to get, the more leads, the more you can grow sales.

No Way to Keep their Customers Updated

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Many companies struggle with keeping their clients up to date on things happening within their company, those companies website tend to be very out of date and lack the information many users are looking for. One solution for keeping customers or viewers up to date, is to develop a resource center or blog. In the resource center you could highlight important products or information for your customer (i.e. as Permalatt has recently outlined their feature products for Ideas for Outdoor Rooms.) This is ideal because then those who view the article, customer or not, will start to plan for things they want to do in the warmer months to come. The resource center is a great way to keep your users and customers engaged and up to date on things going on within your company.

Finally, the last key part of the strategy is have lead capture opportunities available on the resource center where you are driving traffic with your content.  Visitors are great, but turning unknown visitors into a known lead (name and email address) is golden!

We implemented Lead Capture and Email Nurture campaigns for Permalatt that helped build more trust and offer further helpful information over time that ultimately results in more website return visits and more sales on the website.

If you are a interested in having a Resource Center or Blog Site developed, please contact us via web or phone!