OEM Manufacturer Mobile Responsive Website: Lionshead Tire and Wheel

OEM Manufacturer Mobile-Responsive Website Lionshead Tire and Wheel - 315

Website design drives consumer response.

A bad design and visitors leave quickly.

With the ever-growing volume of sales generated on the internet, eye-catching, easily understood and interactive sites are essential. Initial appeal, easy navigation and the ability to quickly grasp the scope of your offerings are all key elements.

As consumers search for solutions among a mass of options, landing on a comfortable website that provides the right answers is like finding an oasis in the desert.

Most searches are done on smartphones; websites must be mobile responsive with content that adapts to the smaller screen size.

Introducing the Mobile Responsive Website for Lionshead Tire and Wheel

Digital Hill recently launched the website Lionshead Tire and Wheel (headquartered in Goshen, Indiana). This website features easy-to-manage navigation characteristics and mobile responsiveness. The Lionshead site provides any PC, tablet or smartphone, with the optimal view for the size of the screen, without reducing the size of the text.

All websites need to adapt to screens smaller than PCs and tablets. Google requires that your site design scale and work on the smaller screens.

The Lionshead website is attractive, simple and dynamic. It includes an HTML5 special introduction animation to capture viewer attention and draw them in on the first visit.

The desktop version header shows five simple categories: Home, About Us, Products, Services and How to Contact. The smartphone version shows a Menu at the top. Another grouping of these same categories at the bottom directly below attractive product photos. This keeps the site free from overcrowded, ultra-small graphics and instructions on the mobile view.

Unlike sites that have become too “busy”; determining who Lionshead is and what they do is discernable in seconds. The same content displays differently on every viewer’s device. “Learn More” buttons drill down to more detail on each product.

This is an example of the “modular” method of developing a website to allow for a quality way of using the site on all devices.  The tablet style is different than mobile, which is different than the desktop, but all display the same content.  The staff can add pages, products, and update content throughout the site to keep it fresh and current.  For SEO purposes there are tools allowing the Lionshead team to set page titles, meta keywords, meta descriptions and test keyword density; all integrated tools that can be accessed per page on the website.

Digital Hill Multimedia Designs and Builds

Digital Hill Design is a leading-edge expert in website design and development that brings clarity to web viewing on any device. With easily adapted Content Management Systems (CMS), companies can keep their sites fresh and dynamic, add products, services, and info to create new interest with every visit. Within the system, pages and content are added, adjusted and updated with ease. In addition, blogs are inserted to support offerings and used in content marketing strategies.

With a holistic view of marketing and website design, Digital Hill can integrate a range of tools. Including the spectrum of social media into your site to engage more interest, capture leads, encourage feedback and spread the word. The systems can even measure and monitor the ongoing ROI for your integrated online programs, measuring clicks, comments, and purchases.

Every company is unique. An ideal website design capitalizes on the company’s strengths, brings the company image into focus; drawing a clear and distinct position relative to the competition. Easy-to-use, professionally designed, portals and ordering systems can increase e-commerce activity while providing important consumer feedback.

Digital Hill provides specialty web software to manage special events and business systems. We specialize in adaptable web tools custom-built for client needs. We can build registration systems for individual events with the ability to add or delete elements as needed. For manufacturers needing warranty registration, warranty claim, inventory listings, and more, Digital Hill can help!