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Build Trust with Email - 315

Build Trust with Email

If your website is the digital equivalent of a billboard, then your email campaigns are the equivalent of an attentive sales representative. Websites are designed to make an impact. They need to be strategically designed and easy to navigate. But their ultimate goal is to inspire visitors to pursue further contact with the business. If […]
Creating an Email Series for Lead Generation

Creating an Email Series for Lead Generation

Today’s email methods aren’t the mass shotgun approach that worked in the past. The current process is more intricate but also more precise. It should result in higher open rates, higher traffic and potentially more leads and sales. A good campaign will include multiple emails sent on a regular basis which should increase leads. Automation […]
What is an Email Nurture Series 315

What is an Email Nurture Series

Converting inbound leads into customers will often require effort. Most of those efforts should be focused on keeping the lead engaged and tuned in. While it is possible, leads don’t often turn into customers right away. To chip away at the customer’s initial reluctance, a marketing technique called lead nurturing is used. Lead nurturing involves […]