Three things everyone should consider before starting a WordPress site

Three things everyone should consider before starting a WordPress site

WordPress is one of the most popular ways for people to create and update their own websites. Whether it’s a small blog on a niche subject, or a multi-million-dollar news website, there’s a wide range of clients that choose the system because of it’s ease of use. For many people, the system offers the right level of customization without needing to know too much about how web pages are made. If you’re considering setting up your own WordPress site, here are three things you need to know before starting.

Free vs Paid

When it comes to WordPress sites, there are two vastly different versions. There is the most basic version, where you don’t need to even need to buy any web hosting and can simply run your website for free from the WordPress servers. The advantage to this version is you could have your website up and running within minutes. The bad news is you’ll have a more complicated URL name with “wordpress” mentioned within it. Additionally, you’ll be limited to choosing from a small set of themes and customization features.

If you want to experience the full advantages of WordPress, you first need to pay for an external web host service. Then, you can install the files needed to run WordPress on your space on the sever. Once that is set up, you can choose from the thousands of different themes available on the internet. Then select a clear domain name and have full control over every aspect of your WordPress site.

Marketing is a must

One of the best features of WordPress is also one of its biggest challenges. It gives people an easy way of creating their own space online. This means that there are hundreds if not thousands of new websites being created every day. As such some may be very similar to your website. To make yours stand out from all of these other websites, it’s important to market yourself. Seek the help of a marketing team that specializes in making WordPress sites successful. Companies like specialize in working with brands to help improve certain features of their website. In turn this makes them appear much higher up in internet searches. This process, known as search engine optimization, is a vital step for any website that wants to significantly increase traffic.

Update. Update. And Update. 

Once you’ve set up your WordPress website, it’s time to do exactly what it was built for. The whole WordPress system is designed around the idea that it should be simple to update. It can take just minutes to add a blog to your page, so there is no excuse not to regularly update your website. There is even an app that will allow you to publish new blogs from your smartphone wherever you are in the world. If you fail to update your website, it’s highly likely that any regular visitors you do have will soon lose interest and look for other websites on the same topic.