What You Need to Know About the Changes in Business Live Streaming [BLAB]

What You Need to Know About the Changes in Business Live Streaming - 315

As marketers have rushed to embrace the nuances of social media marketing, along comes another opportunity. Live-streaming is recognized as the newest chance to grab a viewer’s attention and hold it. In the past, live video broadcasting was only available to multimillion dollar television networks. Now you only need a smartphone and an app.

Today anyone can “broadcast” live from anywhere using a variety of platforms. Embracing streaming video now can put you ahead of the trend and give you an early adopters advantage.

Which Platforms Support Live Streaming?

After Meerkat introduced live streaming in 2015, Blab.im and Periscope (owned by Twitter now) hastily boarded the bandwagon. Facebook and YouTube have also launched live video streaming to offer greater marketing exposure.

And, for a fee, Huzza.io provides a subscription service that allows you to stream your content through several platforms at once, thus broadening your potential reach. Huzza has analytic capabilities that provide metrics to evaluate your broadcast reaction as well.

According to the Practical Ecommerce website, companies are already experimenting with live streaming as part of their marketing program. Companies include GE, Nestle, Wendy’s, Doritos, 7UP, Dunkin Donuts, Adidas, and Spotify. Someone in those corporate HQs is leaping on the potential of getting started early!

How Does Live Streaming Work?

With only your smartphone and app you can broadcast live content. By “going live” with content, stories, information or product demonstrations, you’ll explore the untapped potential for capturing audiences that you’ve never approached before. To be effective, though, your presentation must be interesting enough to hold viewers’ attention.

Interactivity can be the essential ingredient. Viewers and potential buyers can get answers to their questions instantly. For example, Users of Spotify are there to enjoy Spotify plays but they could have several inquiries. So letting them ask any question or any queries will certainly help you convince them to stay with you for longer.

As for applying the Marketing’s 4-Es, educate, entertain, engage, and provide expertise, going live with interactivity covers every base!

How Do You Choose the Platform?

To choose the best avenue for your message… identify your audience. As with any marketing effort, targeting is the key to effective message penetration.

While Twitter attracts mostly 20-30-year-olds, Facebook is populated by every age group from grandmothers to preteens. With Facebook, you can use live streaming on your business page, with “close friends” or in Facebook private groups.  Use the platform where your target audience spends significant time.

Live Streaming Possibilities

Once your following is interested, live streaming provides real-time interaction between you and the audience. No typed messages via social messaging, live streaming offers Q&A, interviews, announcements, and commentary.

Live streaming also opens up a range of internal opportunities as well. In short notice, a sales manager in Omaha might stream a new product demonstration or sales technique seminar to sales reps around the world.

The possibilities of timely communication with Q&A sessions are virtually limitless.
The best way to learn?  Simply try it!  Livestreaming doesn’t have to be a polished production. It’s about going live and telling fans what’s going on.

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