Your Ideal Customer and How To Solve Their Problems

Your Ideal Customer and How To Solve Their Problems 600

Quality nearly always trumps quantity, especially when it comes to customers. Though it’s good to have a big clientele base, it’s still better to attract your business’s ideal customers because they:

  • become repeat customers
  • grow loyal to your business
  • refer your business to people they know
  • require low maintenance and minimal support
  • upgrade to your business’s more expensive products or services

These characteristics are in stark contrast against the ‘bad customers’ who buy once and never again, or who report dissatisfaction and demand a refund.

To avoid bad customers, you should target your marketing efforts to your ideal customers. Before you can do that, you need to identify who your ideal customers are.

Creating The Ideal Customer Profile

A customer profile can be modeled around actual customers who you consider ideal. Look at their age, gender, race, location, educational background, income, priorities, purchasing behavior, and other markers that can help you form a clear persona that can represent your ideal customer.

You’ll see commonalities among your best clients. It’s important you find out what they need and how to address that need, and that can help you attract more of the same!

Next, determine where they found out about your business and where they get information on brands that appeal to them. Where does this ideal client spend time online and what are their online habits?

This will help you identify the channels you business uses to advertise your products or services.

Ideal clients

Targeting Your Marketing Efforts

At first, it may feel like targeting a smaller core group of customers is counter-intuitive. Who doesn’t want plenty of customers?

But don’t forget about the Pareto principle which states that 20 percent of the causes handle 80 percent of the effects. In marketing, this can mean that 80 percent of your sales come from a core group of 20 percent of ideal customers who make repurchases because they’re satisfied with your products or services. Utilizing churn management software can help identify and retain these valuable customers, ensuring that businesses maintain and strengthen relationships with their most loyal clientele.

Thus, it’s best to look for that 20 percent because once they’ve converted, you have loyal customers for life, or at least for the long-term.

Through the web, you can use Google Ads, Display Ads and Facebook Ads as ways to reach your target audience. Most social media sites support targeted advertising, so finding customers through this avenue is something to explore.

Another method is to have a lead capture call-out on your website where you offer something of value like a Special Report Guide, Video, or EBook in exchange for an email address in return. If the offer is geared towards your ideal audience you can grow your list of potential ideal customers.

Facebook, with it’s demographic power, is a great way via their Ads, to target exactly your ideal audience. You can even target with ads a “Lookalike Audience,” meaning one that is exactly like your customer base!

Knowing who your ideal customers are is a key piece of the marketing battle. Take some time to hone in on who that is today!

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