5 Flaws to Avoid to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate


Lead generation is an essential aspect of every business’s website; no matter the size of your business. Avoid these 5 flaws to increase your landing page conversion rate. To ensure the successful conversion of your site visitors into sales or leads, you will need to create a landing page. The purpose of a lead generation page is to initiate consumer interest in your products and services and enable them to make a purchase or seek more information about what you offer.

If the site visitors find the information useful, they may also give you their data such as their name, email address, phone number, and other details that are necessary to enable completion of a purchase or subscription to your services. However, for your landing page to work, it must be properly optimized.

5 flaws you need to avoid and increase your landing page conversion rate

1. Too much information

One of the biggest turn-offs for any site visitor is reading a landing page with too much information. This wears down your visitors and then causes them to exit your site before they make a purchase or provide their information. The key to improving the conversion rate of your landing page is by ensuring it has a simple design, and the information about what you offer is easy to read and straight to the point.

2. Your landing page is taking too long to load

Do you know that at least 40% of customers leave a site if it takes too long to load? This can lead to the loss of millions of dollars, especially for an e-commerce business. You can improve the load time of your landing page by minimizing the content on the page, using web-optimized images, and focusing more on access speed rather than data volume.

3. Your site lacks credibility

Credibility is relative. In other words, what you see as a credible site may not have the same meaning to someone else. However, most people agree that one of the best ways to establish website credibility is through creating social proof. Such proof may include social media shares, posts, and likes, as well as having a platform for visitors to review your products and services. An excellently designed landing page with little to no social evidence will generate fewer leads compared to one with more social proof.

Poor grammar and misspelled words may also lower your landing page’s credibility. Poor grammar means your site visitors create a judgment about you and what you offer right away, and may even end up thinking less of your products. Therefore, make sure you are on top of your grammar and spelling, as it will impact significantly on your user’s experience.

4. Lack of an attention-grabbing headline

A catchy headline is an essential part of any landing page. It can be seen as the backbone of your lead generation tactics, as it is the first thing your visitors will see. Thus, make sure that every headline you write grabs the attention of your visitors and keeps them interested.

5. Lack of a call to action

Most landing pages with high lead generation contain numerous CTA’s (calls to action). The primary purpose of a CTA is to help encourage your site visitors to take action, such as adding an item to the cart or filling in an inquiry form. Therefore, make sure you keep things simple by making the CTA easy to find, understand, and complete.

Creating a landing page that generates quality leads is not rocket science. By avoiding the above flaws, you will undoubtedly notice an increase in sales, customer leads, and revenue.

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