5 Ways Boat Dealers Can Use Instagram to Sell More Boats

5 Ways Boat Dealers Can Use Instagram to Sell More Boats-315Every business embraces marketing to boost their sales and create a brand. With the advent of technology, social media has become one of the best marketing tools for businesses who want to increase their customer base. Instagram is one of the most effective social media sites for marketing products.  Instagram is a photo sharing site. It is easy to use. Just upload a picture from your camera to your account.

The more followers you have the more effective Instagram is for marketing. People like getting information about special events like boat shows or new boat models. Sharing the photos of the new models at the events can help inspire boat fanatics.

A boat dealer should create an Instagram page. Your Instagram profile should be light, informative and catchy. Consider including a #hashtag of your product in your bio to create traffic. To improve sales follow these tips when using Instagram to market their business.

1. Upload professional photos and use Hashtags

A picture is worth a thousand words. Use this power to hook the customer. Consider taking artistic pictures that appeal to your customers. Select the best pictures in your camera; arrange them in order before uploading them. Then use a great description and 4-5 hashtags about boating. Hashtags help expand your reach to people looking at various hashtags.

2. Consistent sharing of your Boats

It’s possible that not everyone will see your posts every time you share them on Instagram. It is important to consider when your audience is on Instagram. Share different posts of the same boat several times on Instagram to reach as many people possible. Try times of day when your audience is most likely to be using the service such as evenings or noon as well.

3. Share Videos

This feature is important for you as an Instagram user! People are watching videos. Instagram lets you create short stop-gap 60-second videos. Take advantage of this and do a quick walkthrough or quick feature highlight on a boat. You can start and stop during your 60 seconds to easily create unique segments. Videos are performing well and when tied to your Facebook Page you can also share them to your Page.

4. Include the location of your business on your Instagram site

Include the location of your business on your Instagram page. You’ll attract local customers who might not have known about your business. Your boat store should have a hashtag on Instagram encouraging your customers to check in. And most importantly, when you share photos, videos, or Stories, use the “location” feature to identify your location. This is discoverable and lets others in that location see your content.  As well, use at least 1-5 hashtags to expand your reach.  To explore which hashtags to use, we recommend you use one of the 16 Best Hashtag Tracking Tools to Monitor Hashtags to monitor and see the performance of certain ones and that makes selections to use accordingly.

5. Show what happens behind the scenes

This is also an interesting technique you can use to increase the demand for your products on Instagram. You may consider producing short videos of your products being manufactured or show how to use them. Customers will be interested in your product. Request that your customers tag and share the photos of your products on their Instagram handles; this will help increase your customer base.

These are a few tips to use Instagram for your business and sell more boats. It has a powerful user-base and is now strong in the 30-40-year-old segment and it can be used to get in front of potential boat buyers and to build trust and awareness about your boats.