How To Turn YouTube Views Into Leads

How To Turn YouTube Views Into Leads-315

YouTube is the second-largest search engine with over three billion searches a month. It is bigger than AOL, Ask, Yahoo and Bing combined.

Given the engaging nature of video content, you can create a great following for your products and services on YouTube. Videos give your brand a human face, teach on the product usage, and give your brand authenticity.

The main goal of creating videos on YouTube is to build marketing leads. Here are ways you can turn your YouTube views into qualified and solid leads

Create video annotations

Annotations are clickable text overlays put on the video so your viewers can click as they watch your videos. Getting your target YouTube subscribers will require you to put in a lot of effort. So, create custom calls-to-action to bring people to your site to subscribe, pick gifts, or view other offers.

Some viewers find video annotations very annoying. Therefore, it’s good to keep them at a minimum and introduce them at the start and near the end of your video. There are free tools that can help you introduce the video annotations at the right time.

How to optimize your annotations

Rule of ONE

Display one annotation at a time. Ask your viewer to do one thing at a time. The reasons for the action should be convincing enough to entice your viewers to do as requested.

10 in and 10 out rule

Show your text annotations in the first 10% of the video and the last 10% of the video. This offers enough time for the viewer to take action if he or she needs to and offers enough space for him or her to enjoy the content provided.

Verbal calls to action

Tell your viewers what to do at the end of your video. It takes a few seconds to explain what the visitors need to do and what’s in store for them. The most common call to action is usually, ‘Please like and subscribe to the video.”

You can create your personalized verbal Call-To-Actions according to the client demographics. Most people forget to ask the viewers to make comments and ask questions about the content below. This is a powerful, yet easy, way to interact with your viewers and respond to their comments right on the YouTube channel. Customers are more likely to act on verbal calls to action than text because the spoken word is more compelling.

Call to action in the video description

The video description is the block of text found below the video. Describe your video in a few words and add on a CTA for your customers. The most common method is to put a link to your website.

Create a convincing write-up with a few words that will motivate viewers to click on the link you’ve provided. It’s also a good idea to have a landing page where the viewers can get the hot offers available at the moment.

YouTube ranks videos on the weight of the content and watch time. Therefore, if you provide quality content consistently, you will get traffic due to the watch time. Carefully select the keywords in the title and determine the intervals that you will give your viewers new content. This helps you generate views, which can be converted to leads using these methods.