Get Extra Security for your WordPress Website with WordFence


Security is of utmost importance on the modern internet and you don’t want to be caught unprotected. With government sites, major hotels, and more experiencing website security breaches in the recent past, it’s an important issue.  Hence good security practices keep you, your business, and your customers safe. If you’ve watched the news recently you’ve likely seen reports on data breaches and hacks performed on companies large and small. Keeping yourself safe is more of a matter of awareness and using the right tools than it is a great deal of money.

Wordfence is a popular addon for many WordPress Websites and is the most popular firewall and security scanner on the platform. It adds an extra layer of security to help protect your site from hackers and other cybercriminals. Here’s how Wordfence keeps your site safe.

Wordfence: A Broad Overview

Wordfence is a plugin for WordPress based websites that provides a security package focused on the following things. Including virus protection, preventing malware, and an endpoint firewall to help control access and block hackers. It’s a bit more than just a virus and firewall plugin, however, Wordfence offers very powerful features and a lot of valuable information for a site owner.

Specific Security Features

Wordfence has several different features to keep your WordPress site safe from harm. These security features protect from the most common forms of attack and other features provide useful information and support tools.

File Repair

Your site’s core files are what allows you to repair it or restore it from a backup if issues arise. Thus, the Wordfence plugin can repair any damage to these core files and verify that they are working as intended.

Virus And Malware Scans

Wordfence provides protection from malware, common viruses, and other forms of illegal backdoor access to keep your site protected from unauthorized access.

Firewall Protection

In addition to virus and malware protection Wordfence also includes a firewall that blocks fake crawlers and can be configured with a Whitelist, IP blocking, and other access controls.

Real-Time Alerts

When using Wordfence you receive alert emails letting you know when issues have been detected.

Email Support And A Forum

As a paying customer, you receive additional support in the form of an email helpdesk and a forum for users that assists with customer support.

Hack Protection

Brute force hacking is an old trick where a hacker uses automation to try and brute force into a website using a huge list of common passwords.  Wordfence detects these actions and blocks such attempts.

 Scans For Harmful Websites

Many hackers set up fake websites to steal information from unsuspecting users. Many of these sites resemble those used by legitimate businesses such as banks. Wordfence tracks these harmful sites using a URL list of known phishing and hacking websites.

Traffic Scanning And Geolocation

Wordfence scans your site’s traffic in real time to tell you about your visitors and locate where they are coming from. Wordfence makes use of RSS feed readers, various crawlers, and Google Crawler to supply accurate information.

Misc. Features

Other features include protecting your comment section from impersonation and spam. As well as, password strength testing, and the ability to hide what version of WordPress you’re using which can protect you from hackers knowing what specific vulnerabilities to use on your site.

Why You Should Use Wordfence

Wordfence is a powerful tool and it’s well worth the investment for the additional features it offers. Keeping your WordPress Site safe requires the right tools and the protection Wordfence offers includes many of the common features needed to keep your site safe from cybercriminals.

Want help getting Wordfence installed and setup optimally?  We can help! Reach out today.