Goshen Named Community of the Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Goshen Named Community of the Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce-315Goshen Indiana has been awarded the title of Community of The Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Indiana Chamber officials indicated the quality, vibrant life Goshen is endeavoring to create for its citizens is what businesses need to thrive in the future. They added that the manufacturing muscle of the city is excellent, thanks to the city’s intentional efforts.

Indiana Chamber representatives announced the designated award at Fidler Pond Park in Goshen at a special press conference.

When receiving the award, Mayor Jeremy Stutsman acknowledged the struggle Goshen went through after the recession. Jeremy commended the community for its cooperation and work towards a common goal and vision has led to great success.

The community lives by its slogan and brand which is ‘Common good, uncommonly great.’

According to Tom Schuman, Senior Vice President of Indiana’s Chamber of Commerce, Goshen’s ‘Community of The Year’ achievement is not an outcome of one particular initiative or project. The title is a result of collaborative efforts, uniting partnerships, placemaking efforts, and groundbreaking initiatives. These, he says are a build up of many years of effort that has resulted in success.

Highlights of Goshen’s Public-Private Projects

Goshen has set a priority on the public-private relationships which are vital in any community. Hence, the city has many examples of projects where the business community and the government work together. In short, many things have made Goshen the great city it is today.

  • Development of the Hawks Arts and Enterprise Center is a significant investment attributed to the Goshen achievements. The Hawks is a historic furniture factory that was built in 1870. It now hosts 35 one and two bedroom loft apartments, making it a work and live community for entrepreneurs and artists. Hawks low-cost facilities create a conducive space for living, entertainment and working.
  • LaunchPad is another project that propelled the Goshen city into the first spot. The public-private partnership aims to develop an industrial business park into a co-working space. It caters to entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups and small businesses. Therefore, LaunchPad offers a great space for new and existing companies to grow. It has attracted investors, writers, artisans, designers, strategists among many other professionals. The project offers 24/7 access, fast internet, headphones, laptops, professional advice, boardroom space, and endless cups of coffee.
  • New and traditional community events have contributed to Goshen’s recognition. First Fridays celebrate art, food, and culture. The First Fridays event is a tradition going strong for 10 years. In addition, the River Bend Film Festival and Maple City Cultural Festival are new.
  • Education and business leaders collaborate on higher education achievements and K-12 emphasizing lifelong learning.
  • Development of over 30 miles designated trails which connect Goshen to adjacent communities. As a result, improved walking and biking routes.

Award Presentation

Stutsman says the award is a result of the many partnerships that the community has built between the government and private entities. In addition, the award highlights the unity of people geared towards enhancing the quality of life in Goshen.

President of Goshen Chamber of Commerce, Nick Kieffer, added that the community deserves the award as it recognizes the efforts of the community’s hard work.

The city’s official award was presented November 7th at the Annual Awards Dinner at the Indiana Convention Centre in Indianapolis.

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