How to Build Your Brand With Social Media

Social media icons on a light gray background.

The importance of business branding cannot be overstated. Branding defines how people perceive your business, products, and even the people in your organization. Strong branding can drive business awareness and increase customer loyalty. It can also increase business leads and boost sales.

Social media is one of the many tools you can use to enhance your brand. With the right social media marketing strategy, you can boost brand recall and help people understand your brand identity. Every tweet, share, or comment also increases your brand outreach and stacks up customer trust.
If you’re wondering the exact steps you can take to build your brand with social media, below are seven quick tips.

1. Meet your audience where they are

The best brands reach their audience at the right time and on the right platforms. There are at least seven major social media platforms, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and TikTok. People join each platform for different reasons. Research your audience and only select the platforms where they are most likely to be.

2. Always use your brand name and logo

Your name and logo are the two most prominent identifiers of your brand. You want to make sure that these two are imprinted in the minds of everyone that interacts with you on social media. Therefore, make your logo part of all your social profiles and include your brand name in every post you publish.

3. Persuade your audience to follow you

Not everyone is going to follow your social media handles right away. It’s your duty to convince them that it would be in their best interests to do so. Begin by asking them point-blank to follow you on the various platforms. Giving out your handles and account names is imperative. Additionally, you should always strive to post useful content. If people find your posts valuable, they’ll naturally want to follow you and share the posts with their friends. Some accounts even buy followers, however you should be aware of scam companies. For example, Skweezer is back in action, but has a bad reputation for fake accounts.

4. Create valuable, engaging content

We’ve already mentioned that valuable content encourages people to follow your social media accounts. Similarly, the right content is crucial for engagement and, ultimately, brand recall. When you consistently publish the right content, people will develop a close affinity with your handles and always look forward to your posts. The result? Increased brand loyalty and trust!

5. Connect, communicate, and build relationships

Users are excited to hear from the brands they adore. Whenever they leave a comment, negative or positive, about the brand, its products, or the staff, they hope to hear back from the brand. It makes them feel appreciated and gives the impression that the brand cares. So, even if it’s a simple “thank you,” ensure you type it. The good news is that you can now employ AI bots to respond to most messages automatically. However, when using AI bots you should regularly check your feed to make sure things aren’t missed.

6. Consistency is key

Marketers often overlook the importance of consistency in branding. You must remain consistent across all your social media platforms. Maintain the same colors, use the same logos, and retain a single brand name. It helps streamline customer experience while eliminating potential “mix-ups” as users flip from one social media platform to another. The brand tone and language must also be consistent.

7. Measure and improve

However good you are, you won’t create the perfect branding strategy on the first attempt. Keeping track of your activities, measuring your KPIs, and making adjustments as necessary is the only way to improve. Some of the KPIs to focus on are likes, comments, tweets, shares, and mentions. BrandWatch and HootSuite Insights are two excellent analytics tools to track and measure your progress.

Ready to Begin?

If you’re serious about improving your brand performance on social media, the time to implement the above tips to build your brand with social media is now.