Why You Need to Know Your Website Analytics

You have a business website and need to keep track of your site’s performance. Here are some ways your business can benefit from analyzing the website stats.

Get to Know your Audience/Customers Better

Business success often hinges on how much you know about your audience/customers and their needs. The better you know them, the more likely you are to satisfy their needs and solve their problems. Website analytics can help you understand your visitors, prospects, and customers.

From your analytics, you’ll be able to learn:

  • Audience’s demographics (age, location, language, etc)
  • Pages they visit and time they spend on the site
  • Devices they use (smartphone type, windows, apple, etc)
  • Social media platform preferences
  • If they purchase on their first visit or if it takes several visits for them to buy

Discover Your Biggest Traffic Sources

This is very important. You want to know where your customers are coming from. Are they coming from social media networks? Are they coming from referrals? Or, are they coming from organic searches on search engines? And, if so, which search engines? Google, Bing?

When you have this information, you can allocate marketing resources accordingly. Also, you can work on improving the channels that aren’t performing well. Only through website analytics can you discover the performance of your traffic channels.

Find Out Your Best Performing Pages

All pages on a website aren’t equal. Some pages will always perform better than others. The homepage and contact pages, for instance, often receive more traffic than other pages. It is your duty to closely track the performance of each page, identify the best-performing pages, and work on the poor performers. Website analytics will help you uncover the performance of individual web pages.

You Can Use the Insights to Improve SEO

No website is perfect. Even if you’re already seen millions of visitors each month, rest assured that there is room for improvement. At one point, Amazon which already receives millions of visitors every day increased their website speed by 100ms and saw a 1% increase in conversions.

No matter how well your site is doing it can always improve and it starts with identifying areas that are letting you down. Is it speed? Is it navigation? Are visitors leaving because of broken pages? Website analytics can help you uncover these problems and create a better website, optimized for both users and search engines.

Analytics Help Improve E-Commerce ROI

The majority of small business owners now sell products and services directly on their websites. Consumers who are interested in making a purchase can select the products or services they need, pay using their cards, and have their products/services delivered or shipped accordingly.

If you offer e-commerce services, you need website analytics even more. The analytics will help you pinpoint areas of your website that could be causing bounces and shopping cart abandonment. Maybe it’s your long checkout process. Or, it could be the lack of clear shipping policy. Regularly analyzing your website will uncover these and any other issues holding you back.


There’s a treasure chest of excellent information that will help you grow your sales in your website analytics. Now all you need to do is take the time to harvest the stats, quantify the data and strategize what you can do to make your website better.