The Importance of a Brand Logo

The Importance of a Brand Logo -315

For McDonald’s, it’s the golden arches. For Nike, it’s the giant swoosh. For Starbucks, it’s the two-tailed mermaid. They’re different brands, but they all have iconic logos that are instantly recognizable by the majority of the population. Such strong brand recall with just one image is a testament to the value of having a well-designed logo.

Identifying your logo’s purpose

In its basic definition, a logo is a symbol used to represent an organization. But from a marketing perspective, it’s a visual cue intended to elicit not only recognition but also emotion. Those feelings depend on you want your logo to represent.

For example, if you’re running a sports car dealership, you may want your logo to communicate speed and elicit excitement. But if you’re operating a bakery, you probably want a homey vibe to make your customers relaxed and comfortable. The critical thing is that your logo carries the right message.

Designing your logo

It’s not just a matter of making doodles and choosing what looks good. When designing your logo, take into consideration how shapes and colors affect moods and perceptions. On top of that, think about how to use symbolism to represent your brand’s voice. This is where a graphic designer comes in handy. Under your direction, they can create several logos that best embody the message you want to present to your target audience.

Testing your logo

Test your logo with focus groups before rolling it out. This way, you’ll know how people will react before spending a lot on marketing. Also, focus groups provide the necessary outside point of view to put things in proper perspective. You may think your logo is great, but if it doesn’t have an impact, then it fails its purpose.

Rolling out your logo

An iconic logo becomes iconic for many reasons, but one of the biggest is that the brand is consistent in using it. So once you’ve committed to a logo, use it in your marketing materials, packaging, email communication, etc. In this way, your customers will quickly associate the logo with your brand.

Changing your logo as needed

You don’t have to stick with a logo that doesn’t work or one that your brand has outgrown. Even iconic logos get makeovers, too. So don’t be afraid to make a change to your logo if you think there’s a better fit for your brand.

Branding is a process that goes beyond your logo, but it’s an important first step. When your brand makes a mark with a memorable logo, then it’s off to a great start.

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