Introducing the Mennonite Health Assembly Website

Introducing the Mennonite Health Assembly Website-315Mennonite Health Services (MHS) provides resources and consulting services to other faith-grounded, not-for-profit organizations. From help with hiring employees and selecting board members to provide leadership development programs, MHS helps organizations not only thrive and improve but to stay rooted in their mission. Their new website,, allows them to continue the support.

Introducing is a cohesive, clean website that represents MHS and its mission. The site is designed around 4 main colors that serve to carefully segment the site for easier navigation without clashing or becoming a distraction.

With a simple navigation bar, an image gallery and the main site links prominently displayed, a new site visitor (or a returning one) would have no problem finding the resources they need from the website.

The site’s design features are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. However, MHS’s new site has other standout features.

Mobile Responsiveness

MHS new website is mobile responsive. This feature simplifies things for both MHS and site visitors. Let’s take a look at the importance of having a mobile responsive website.

What are the benefits of a mobile responsive site? Well, there are quite a few. First, a mobile responsive website suits the current online climate we are in. Billions of people are searching for information online from a mobile device.

When sites are not responsive, they can be a pain to use. Having to scroll horizontally or resize tiny text can turn them off a website. Google now requires websites to have a consistent look on all devices, or they will penalize the website. Mobile responsive websites fulfill this requirement beautifully and seamlessly.

Whether you are on a smartphone, tablet, or sitting at a computer, you can comfortably view the website. Why? Mobile responsive websites automatically resize to fit the screen you’re on.

Unlike a standalone mobile website, mobile responsive websites aren’t on separate URLs. Visitors searching for MHS all come to the same site. They can view the site and have the content optimized for their particular device.

When MHS updates their website in the future, they don’t have to fuss with separate websites. There’s only 1 site to maintain.

Lead Capture Form

Powered by Waftio, the site features an easy-to-use subscription form for soft lead capture. Soft lead capture allows sites to capture information from visitors while they are on the website.The lead capture forms allow visitors and organizations connect with MHS by quickly filling out a form.

Member Directory

MHS serves to connect organizations with resources and one another. The member directory is an important extension of that mission. It provides members and organizations looking for help with the means to reach out to one another. With an embedded Google map and an extensive list, one can search for a member by name, zip code, the kind of service provided, or geographic location.

Designed by Digital Hill, Mennonite Health Services new website is a vital element in continuing the community building and organizational support services the Mennonite and Anabaptist community has provided for decades.