Introduction to YouTube Ads


YouTube has vastly grown over the last decade. It hosts the largest collection of video clips in the world. You may even have a few of your videos containing great content on YouTube. However, with millions of videos, it may take a long time for people to discover your videos. Any great product has a good marketing strategy and online presence, YouTube video is no exception. You should be marketing your video content and website on YouTube if you want to attract the right amount of traffic. One way to do that is with YouTube Ads.

How do YouTube ads help to sell products?

The beauty of YouTube is that you can make a video of just about anything. You can post tutorials, how-to videos, music videos, funny clips, business related videos, and much more. You can advertise your website by showcasing your business or products during videos your target audience may watch.

YouTube ads will appear to the relevant audience leading them back to your content. The site uses Google search history along with YouTube searches to determine the appropriate audience.

Categories of YouTube ads

There are two broad categories, skippable and unskippable advertisements.

1. Skippable ads

As the name suggests, you can skip the ads after they run for 5 seconds. The videos are, on average, 3-20 minutes long. The ads have a click option that takes you straight to the whole video. There are two main ways of introducing unskippable ads to viewers, namely in TrueView or in-stream.

TrueView ads are standard advertising videos that appear when viewers search the relevant content. Advertisers only pay when viewers watch the ad for 30 seconds or more or clicks on the call to action button. The videos are easy to customize to advertise a wide variety of things.

In-stream appear when a viewer clicks a video they want to watch. The videos run before the video the viewer chose plays. They are short and exciting. Some big websites like Grammarly use them to teach viewers the importance of using the service.

2. Non-skippable ads

These adverts are more concise than the skippable ads. They have a lower rating because they do not allow viewers the choice to skip the video. You will need to have the most engaging content in the first 5 seconds to ensure higher ratings for the ad. However, they do have a time limit of 15-20 seconds, and then viewers can watch the content they desire.

These ads have a bad reputation and a high abandonment rate. However, if your content is excellent and targeting relevant viewers, you can get traffic to your site.

How to set up a YouTube campaign?

Once you have a campaign advertisement ready, you can post it on YouTube. There are a few details that can aid in the success of the ad. Choosing the right keywords using Google AdWords is important to ensuring that your campaign advertisement appears in relevant searches.

Next, you should decide how the campaign appears, whether it is in YouTube searches or In-stream ads. Best practice would be to create different content for each of the options. You should then set a budget for each ad per day. You can also choose the video format, geographical location, and what devices to target.

Overall, YouTube ads are an excellent way to market websites. They have a wider reach with over 50% of consumers watching YouTube on their mobile devices all over the globe. Over time you should fine-tune your content, AdWords, and targeting strategies to garner more traffic and engagement from viewers.

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