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The Power Of Going Deep Into Your Niche (1)

The Power Of Going Deep Into Your Niche

Think about it. If a company is selling sporting goods, does it make sense to market to people who have no interest in skiing or golf? No. Why waste time and money trying to engage an audience that has no use for its products? And why waste precious resources chasing a market share it will […]
Metrics to Measure the Success of Your Email Marketing 600 x 315

Metrics to Measure the Success of Your Email Marketing

Email is critical yet today in business marketing online.  The key is getting recipients to open your emails, and then to act on something in your email. Your emails can and need to bring leads to your business and return the investment you’ve put into them. But how do you know if your newsletters are, […]
Best Practices for Your Holiday Email Marketing

Best Practices for Your Holiday Email Marketing

In case you didn’t know the origin of the term Black Friday, it has nothing to do with how unpleasant you feel about humanity after waiting in line at dawn with thousands of others for a chance at a cheap TV. Black Friday is when retailers kick off their Christmas sales, with the hopes that […]

12 Steps to an Optimized Blog Post

Every blogger wishes that hitting the publish key will magically result in torrents of traffic, comments and recommends. But as the saying goes, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. In other words, wishes won’t get you what you want, you have to take action. So, roll up your sleeves and get to work using these […]
Email Nurture Campaigns

Creating Email Nurture Campaigns

Turning website visitors into leads is the first step in building a successful online business. However, once you have those leads, you need to nurture them to turn them into buyers. Visitors that hand over their email details are some of the easiest to convert, since they have already indicated they are interested in what […]
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Video Email Captures Viewer Attention

How are you email marketing open rates? Are you getting the “opens” and “clicks” in your emails that you want? Email has become a common business communication tool. It’s a primary means of touching base and in many ways has become what phone calls were for the last 10-15 years, simply a standard way that […]

Using Email Marketing to Sell

In a day when Social Media is the rage, the reality is that email remains as strong, if not stronger than ever, as a business means to educate and sell online. Email is a universally used tool that everyone sits down to check at work or home. Email gets a business in front of their […]

3 Keys to a Strong Digital Marketing Foundation

The 3 Legged Digital Marketing Stool Defined Online digital marketing has evolved and continues to change.  Long gone are the days when having a static, non-changing web page suffices for reaching and marketing to consumers on the Internet. Today’s consumer is using multiple digital tools, and so to effectively reach them means a company should […]