Video Email Captures Viewer Attention

video email

How are you email marketing open rates?

Are you getting the “opens” and “clicks” in your emails that you want?

Email has become a common business communication tool. It’s a primary means of touching base and in many ways has become what phone calls were for the last 10-15 years, simply a standard way that businesses can reach new potential customers. The challenge is that many people receive so much email that they’ve become skimmers or even skippers!

Competition to be seen is fierce! So what do you do with the fact that often your business marketing emails may get overlooked or skipped? I’ll share a number of quick tips and focus in on one newer method of making an impact, video email.

The Subject Line:

Your first line of impact to “catching the eye” of your intended recipient in the inbox is the subject line. This is the “first impression” and is often the difference between someone skipping over, deleting, or opening your email. It’s critical to capture attention and draw the viewer in while not overdoing it! It’s a delicate balance. Typically concise statements inviting an action by reader is the way to go. Avoid using boring terms like “this month’s newsletter” but rather something like “Inside: 3 tips and a new feature – Learn More!

Video Email:

After drawing the viewer in so that they open the email, the next step is capturing their attention as they being to skim. A product called Eyejot was created to combat users leaving early and to help capture attention and improve the communication process.

Essentially, Eyejot allows you to create, send and receive video emails. Using your computer’s internal or add-on web camera, a user simply records a video greeting and prepares to send it off. It’s a unique way to stand-out and be set apart from the masses of text email people get every day. The videos are easy to create on your computer and the emails can be customized to fit the branding of your company. As well, there is a iPhone app for Eyejot enabling users to create video embedded emails on their phone, and a Android version is in the works.

eyejot video email

Eyejot Plan levels

The service was designed to appeal to everyone from solo-preneurs to larger businesses. There is a fairly robust free version as well as a PRO and PRO Plus. The paid versions allow for longer videos, more templates to choose from and ability to also add attachments and more. One further perk for educators is that Eyejot has an offer for pre-K to college teachers, enabling them to receive a free PRO Plus upgrade.

Eyejot hopes to enable businesses to fight against email overload and empower your email to stand out in the crowd. As smart phones make video even easier to shoot and create, look for tools like Eyejot to help transform the way we communicate with email. With a quality free version, there’s really no reason to not try it out!

Have you tried to use video in your email marketing?