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Website Software Launch: Personal Wealth Index Online Tool

New Personal Wealth Index website software is live! Digital Hill is pleased to announce the website software launch for Personal Wealth Index Financial Advisor tool. is a website that creates a personal wealth report for potential clients and current clients of Financial Advisors which subscribe to the site. The Wealth Index is a customized report designed to […]
Digital Hill and City of Goshen

Digital Hill Awarded City of Goshen Website Redesign Contract

Digital Hill Awarded Website Redesign for City of Goshen Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc. has been awarded the contract to redesign the city of Goshen’s website, as mentioned by both the Goshen News and Elkhart Turth. The website redesign will improve many existing features and add new management features enabling the city to continually update and keep […]
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Mobile and Tablet Internet Growth: Responsive Website Solutions

Screens are getting smaller….and bigger…and we simply have more of them! The use of the Internet has evolved quickly in the past few years!  Gone are the days of only large desktop computers as primary methods to use the Internet.  PewResearch outlined 2014 stats on the use of mobile devices and tablets, and the data […]
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Responsive Website Design: Size Does Matter!

Pinching out to zoom, then sliding to find and read the area you want to see on a mobile or tablet size screen can be frustrating for the viewer. Responsive design is the answer. If you are not familiar with the term, responsive design is simply a website that responds or adjusts to the size […]
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Why Mobile Sites are Increasingly Important for Businesses

Investing in a mobile-friendly website is one of the best decisions you can ever make. A Mobile website can: Increase engagement with customers Increase time spent on your website Grow traffic to your website Drive up product sales and improve revenue If you have been thinking of creating a mobile-friendly site, here are compelling reasons […]