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Best Social Media Customer Service Practices-315

Best Social Media Customer Service Practices

Thanks to technology, it’s now easier than ever to build relationships with your client base—or is it? While new technology has certainly given us more ways to connect with potential customers, it also comes with its own rules and learning curves. Don’t assume that having the hottest gadgets or using the latest apps will automatically […]
Successfully Outsourcing Your Social Media - 315

Successfully Outsourcing Your Social Media [Blab]

To increase your business customer base and spread the word about products and services, savvy businesses are using social media. From snail mail and emails to tweeting and posting on Facebook, there are many ways for business owners to market their business and reach both potential customers, and those who have been loyal customers. Social […]

Reviewing CoSchedule: A Content Marketers Guide to Organizing your Blog and Social Shares

The challenge of increasing website traffic and growing online sales is very real for every business that is serious about having a online presence that performs and contributes well to the company’s bottom line.  The key is that it needs ongoing attention and effort.  It is never a “set it up and then just let […]