Why Website Design and Functionality Matters

Website design and functionality shown on 3 devices.

The new Elkhart County Board of Realtors (ECBOR) website is clean, functional, and very user-friendly. Featuring modern design features, a WordPress CMS, effortless navigation, and exceptional integration. A website is a valuable tool for the ECBOR community. Website design and functionality can make a big difference to your online presence. The following is a roundup of some of the standout qualities the ECBOR website has.

Overview of Website Design and Functionality

The first thing you notice when you land on the website is the simple, professional design. From navigation to text blocks and color selections, the site radiates professionalism. There are no blinking buttons or unnecessary use of bold colors. Instead, the combination of white backgrounds and grey hues gives it an overall professional look. All while the blue themes throughout the project offer a subtle message of serenity, loyalty, and tranquility.

The organization’s bold logo, which also serves as a quick link to the home page, is permanently stationed at the top left of the header section, with contact information to the right. The main menu (navigation bar), sits beneath the logo, offering quick links to the main pages on the site. At the bottom of the site are additional contact and support information.

All the URLs are short and clean, devoid of any suspicious-looking characters. More importantly, all the links work perfectly, with no broken or missing 404 pages.

Mobile-Friendly Design

The site displays optimally on both PC and mobile. There are no resizing issues where a user needs to shrink or enlarge pages or items on a page for clarity. From text to image, all content is clear, visible, and easy to read. All images are sharp and free of blurring or scaling-up issues.

With regards to navigation, the information architecture is intuitive and self-explanatory, making the mobile site just as easy to get around as the PC version is.

Key Website Features

• Updates & Events 

An Updates & Events section takes center stage on the homepage. It’s the – what’s happening – section of the site. Whether it’s Covid-19 updates, new regulatory information, or key industry events, this is where clients will find updates. The information is structured so that there’s a thumbnail photo to the left and an overview of the respective event on the right. A “See More” link below the text allows users to click for more information.

• Calendar 

The sidebar on the right of the Updates & Events column features a calendar. While the Updates & Events section answers the question “what’s happening?,” the Calendar is more about “What’s coming up?” Things like member orientations, membership meetings, stakeholder meetings, and notices of office closure are all found here. All updates are in the form of clickable links.

• Social media integration 

The ECBOR website integrates with all leading social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By clicking on a social media button you are taken to the organization’s respective social media page.

• Key partner section  

The new website also has a section with quick links to ECBOR’s key partners. These include the National Association of Realtors, the Indiana Association of Realtors, the Indiana Regional MLS, the Professional Licensing Agency, and the Equal Housing Association.

• Other key features 

Finally, the ECBOR website offers easy access to crucial resources. Whether you’re looking to sign up as a member or access member resources, it only takes a few clicks. Advocacy, Education & Ethics, Statistics & Trends, and Board Leadership information are the other resources available in the click of a button.

Professional Design at its Best

Overall, the ECBOR site is a simple, functional, and easy-to-use website – which is just they need to maintain an effective online presence in their community. Is your business website designed for optimum functionality in your niche? Contact us at Digital Hill to discuss your website needs. We can build you a website with the design and functionality your business requires.