WooCommerce Bookings Availability: New Plugin Extension


To be able to see your dentist, you have to make an appointment. A visit to your favorite fine dining restaurant, a getaway at a bed and breakfast, or signing up for personal training sessions also require appointment bookings or reservations. A few years ago, the only way you were able to book services was to look up the phone number of the service provider and speak to someone. However, today, there are online booking tools that have incredible features and are made for small and medium-sized businesses.

No more is this the domain of large brands only. If you run a business that requires reservations and appointments, and you have a WordPress website, you should definitely take a look at the new WooCommerce bookings availability plugin extension.

Benefits of the WooCommerce Bookings Availability Plugin Extension

Using the WooCommerce bookings availability plugin extension for your consumer-oriented business is an efficient way of creating a powerful website. The plugin has many features that help you control how you want to list and sell your bookings. It also helps you create custom bookings when you need to manage pricing and availability. Other benefits of using the WooCommerce Bookings plugin include:

Customizing products to display

The WooCommerce bookings plugin allows you to choose the products you want to represent in your schedule or calendar. This can include:

  • All products
  • Select products
  • Specific categories

Boost your bookings

Are you tired of losing your customers because of an ineffective booking system on your WordPress website? Using the WooCommerce bookings plugin allows you to create the perfect customer experience by selecting the add-ons that other store owners use with WooCommerce bookings.

Easy to create bookable blocks

WooCommerce is flexible, and when it comes to WooCommerce bookings, you can choose to have a fixed bookable block, or you can allow the client to choose the duration of a bookable block. For instance, you can choose to set a fixed bookable block for 3 hours for an appointment. Or, you can let your customers choose how many blocks of a single day they want to book.

Automate bookings

There are several WordPress booking availability themes that you can use to help your visitors book online. However, some booking websites may need the intervention of an admin to confirm bookings. Such a system may be inefficient, especially if there are several bookings. When your customer specifies their requirements, a booking request is sent, and your clients will have to wait for a response from the admin.

WooCommerce booking availability extension plugin is different. You won’t have to depend on a WordPress booking theme. Instead, the WooCommerce bookings availability extension plugin allows you to present a schedule or calendar in a format that makes it easy for them to find the time and date that works best for them and add to cart. The extension plugin also allows users to cancel their appointments if they want or need to.

Easy booking with availability check

The WooCommerce bookings availability extension plugin enables you to manage the availability of your products. This helps in preventing customers from booking unavailable products. It also allows you to update availability after each order is approved.

Automate Appointments for Business Success

As you can see, the benefits of adding the booking availability functionality to your website are many. Additionally, this new plugin integrated into your WordPress site with Woocommerce e-commerce will help improve your site visitors’ user experience and convert them to loyal customers. If an automated booking system can help your bottom line, invest in a premium WooCommerce bookings availability plugin extension today.

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