WooCommerce site with Advanced ShipStation Shipping


South Bend Woodworks exists to make your little ones super happy. Now, this does not stop with their groundbreaking and one-of-a-kind toys; it’s lived and breathed every day on their ecommerce website with advanced ShipStation shipping.

The South Bend Woodworks website is a wonderful experience for any shopper. It’s easy to navigate and lets anyone order and buy their favorite toys. This WooCommerce site with advanced ShipStation shipping has been redesigned to improve the buyer experience from start to finish. Here are 5 things you’ll love about this new website:

1. Nice and Clean Website Layout

The WooCommerce e-commerce store is really easy for users to navigate and use. Customers can easily navigate to pages and quickly filter their search by category and collection. This enables the customer to easily choose the right product. Furthermore, each page is created using a simple and clean design to highlight the products customers are potentially interested in.

2. Tons of Images to Showcase Products

We have to admit – shoppers have a great eye for outstanding photos, images can be the make or break moment of purchase. That’s why each item has sharp and high-quality pictures for greater clarity. As well, every product is nicely-presented and prices are well-displayed for shopping ease.

3. A Seamless Shopping Cart Check Out Process

Most people are wary of an overwhelming and complex payment process. Paying attention to the smooth payment process is of utmost importance. This is where the advanced shipping with ShipStation has been implemented. The ShipStation plugin for WooCommerce makes the checkout process straightforward and easy for the customer. It also gives South Bend Woodworks more power, information, and control in the shipping process. Smooth and accurate shipping is critical in ecommerce stores and adding advanced shipping with ShipStation gives website managers the features they need.

Additionally, by using WooCommerce and ShipStation together, South Bend Woodworks can easily add extra benefits, such as special discounts, free and discounted shipping offers and coupons to their website at any stage with just a few clicks.

With the ShipStation solution everything from ordering, payment, and delivery of the items are seamless. Additionally, the website offers fast and easy payment as well as nationwide shipping.

There’s no tedious signing up for customers. Users have easy access to shopping carts as a guest to ensure a quick checkout. Overall, this makes the experience of purchasing the items equally as amazing as the toys.

4. Lots of Creative Control

Adding customization to products is simple to update and change in the backend, it just requires a few clicks. Customers are then able to simply add in the required information easily by following the setup prompts. With the ability to add several customization options per personalized product, WooCommerce makes offering unique products a breeze. It also allows South Bend Woodworks to have total creative freedom for their products.

5. The Little Things

Then there are the extra details that make all the difference. Simply, they are there to improve the user experience on the site. In addition to being an appealing platform to buy custom products, the website is now also a great resource for information.

The customer review feature allows new visitors to the website to easily see and read current reviews. An in-depth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) guide also helps to decrease the number of queries sent via email. Additionally, we added a New Products section, allowing customers to easily view the newest products without having to search.

A Website That Simply Stands Out!

To conclude, this WooCommerce site with advanced ShipStation shipping is built with customer user experience in mind. It is easy to use, easy to update the platform with advanced checkout options to streamline the entire process.

To update your e-commerce store and website for the optimum customer experience, contact us today!