WordPress 5.0 Major Release with Gutenberg

View you will see in your WordPress dashboardIf you have a WordPress site or blog, please note that WordPress is doing a key update to WordPress 5.0 on December 6.

For those on our managed monthly service, we’ll be watching and updating to ensure all is smooth. For those without that, be sure to check your site and ensure all plugins are functioning as expected.  This effort will culminate with the release of Gutenberg, an update WordPress hopes will make adding rich content to your WordPress websites efficient and engaging.  Gutenberg will bring movable blocks to WordPress page editing, an innovation that will make website design more accessible and dynamic. It will replace TinyMCE as your default content editor for creating page content in the WordPress manager area.

Guttenberg and Classic Plugins

Right now, Gutenberg is available as a plug-in for WordPress 4.8 and higher. The full rollout will come with the release of WordPress 5.0 which is an OPTIONAL update for now.The new editor will be enabled by default in the next major release of WordPress.  If you’re not sure how compatible your current themes and plugins are, there is another path forward. Install the Classic Editor plugin to keep using the current editor until you’re ready to make the switch.

The development team believes Gutenberg will make it easier for beginners to pick-up and learn. It should also make for a less-distracting screen that gives you more usable screen space. Also, Gutenberg will work on mobile, allowing for quick edits even while you are on the go.

Overall, the new WordPress and Gutenberg in tandem should allow users to take that next jump forward in website updating.