WordPress Website with Advanced Search Features MHComm


MHComm.com rests its foundation on the idea of community.

For people who want to live a comfortable lifestyle, with lots of amenities and an inclusive neighborhood, manufactured home communities offer a pathway towards their dream home.

Unlike traditional neighborhoods, apartments or gated communities, the member communities that make-up MHComm allow their residents to have the benefits of their own homes and space while enjoying the closeness and comradery of their neighborhood.  And they needed a new website to help convey this environment!

Dream Homes, Dream Communities

What do you want in a home? In a neighborhood? Whether it is regularly planned community events, beautiful landscaping, proximity to a major city or simply the luxury of having your own driveway, there are multiple possibilities. Member communities of MHComm offer the chance to live life in an area that suits the needs and wants of you and your family. A website needs to convey these nuances and key differentiators to the public.

Introducing the new MHComm.com Website

The new MHComm.com website developed by our team exhibits the emphasis on community by connecting prospective homeowners with manufactured housing communities around the nation. With a simple design and tools tailored to the buyer, the site helps usher visitors into community living. Here are a few of the website’s features that assist those looking for a new community to live in:

Joining The Community

  • Community Search

    MHComm’s advanced search feature brings the viewer closer to the community they genuinely want to live in. They enter their zip code or state to filter through neighborhoods to find the communities of MHComm. With communities in Florida, Michigan, Texas, Indiana, South Carolina, and Illinois, there are lots of locations to choose from.

    When buyers find a place they like, clicking on the name of the community takes them to a page where they can learn more about the community. An interactive map helps buyers get directions and an idea of the surrounding areas. An example of the results from doing an advanced search is this community in Tallahassee, Florida. Situated less than a few minutes away from downtown Tallahassee, the beautiful Cascade Village is just one of MHComm communities.

  • Ready to join

    If a potential home buyer has finally settled on a place, MHComm.com allows them to contact or request more information. This can be done by using simple forms on the site. To smooth the transition and to help with the moving process, MHComm offers links to the property’s social media page. As well as offering a host of resources regarding utilities and other essentials.

Powerful Backend Website Management Tools

Simple for the site visitor to use. As well, the website has an advanced set of tools that makes site management a breeze. The WordPress website platform gives MHComm the ability to make the changes it needs to keep the site updated. MHComm can quickly add new member community information with the CMS and add plugins as needed.

Need Our Web Development Services?

With the capabilities of this new website, MHComm can continue growing its community. MHComm.com was created and powered by Digital Hill!  With our decades of experience in providing effective web solutions, we build websites that connect businesses to their local communities and the world. Find out more.