Google Ads vs Facebook Ads


In Google Ads vs Facebook Ads, both provide great tools for businesses looking to increase their visibility and reach a wider audience. So if you want to get the most out of your marketing budget, which should you invest in? The answer depends on your goals, the type of business, who your target audience is and a few other key factors.

If your main goal is to have your ads viewed by as many people as possible, then Google Ads is the clear winner. Because so many people use Google to conduct searches, AdWords has the potential to reach 90% of the people who use the internet. While Facebook Ads also offer a significant reach, it is noticeably less than Google at just 43.8% of internet users.

That being said, reach isn’t necessarily everything. There is little advantage to advertising to trillions of people if only a small portion is interested in your products or services. Both Google and Facebook offer a variety of ways to target a specific audience. In this aspect, they have comparable advantages that allow you to focus on specific demographics.

However, when it comes to mobile advertising, Google has the lead. AdWords allows you to customize ads for different phones and specify a budgeting ratio for mobile phones and tablets. In addition, a significant portion of Google Ad revenue is generated through mobile devices. AdWords will help you appeal to an audience who is increasingly conducting searches on mobile devices instead of PCs.

The real test of any ad is the conversion rate and ROI. In this case, Google emerges as the leader yet again. While their ads can come with expensive cost per click rates, they also offer higher conversion rates. You may end up paying more to bid on keywords, but the result will be more targeted visitors coming to your website. Facebook also offers decent conversion rates, but overall, it is better suited for spreading brand awareness and generating new leads.

Google AdWords is geared towards generating immediate sales, making it the main source of advertising for the vast majority of websites. Remember, every business is different, so think about your goals and the advantages of both types of ads before finalizing your budget.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads