How To Do YouTube Keyword Research That Will Really Help Your Business Get Seen

How To Do YouTube Keyword Research That Will Really Help Your Business Get Seen-315

People like watching videos. This makes video marketing a perfect tool for your business.

YouTube gives you the opportunity to share your videos with a multitude of viewers and to be found by anyone on the web.  To increase views on your channel, use keywords which people search for when looking for your product and services.

The following strategies will help you determine keywords that can improve your ranking on YouTube.

1. Get keyword suggestions from YouTube

Use the search box on the YouTube website to get suggestions. There are free apps that generate and pull keyword suggestions from YouTube. SeoStack is excellent, and it’s an easy to use Chrome browser extension. Enter the seed keyword on the extension selecting, YouTube as your source, then search. You’ll get lots of keyword suggestions around your seed keyword. From those recommendations, you’ll get a keyword that has higher traffic potential.

2. Keyword Tool Dominator

This tool is essential for beginners on YouTube. Use 3 seed keywords daily to generate relevant keywords. It also allows you to download useful keywords. To get unlimited access, subscribe to the YouTube version of the Keyword Tool Dominator.

3. Search for keyword trends

Google Trends will help you to discover the most popular keywords being searched for on YouTube. Try creating your keyword from those trending. Use only the keywords related to your niche.

4. Check your competitor’s keyword

Create keywords by looking at the high ranking videos competing with yours. YouTube is secretive and hides your competitor’s tags that contain their keywords. However, some tools will help you see what your competitors are doing. They’ll also show the keywords your competitors use. TubeBuddy and vidlQ both have free and paid versions.

5. Use “video” keywords

Compile a list of keywords from Google analytics and search them on Google planner for more ideas. You should add the word “video” on every keyword. You can use Google spreadsheets or keyword multiplier to generate more keywords.

6. Use Google Search

This will help rank your video on YouTube. In Google Search look for each keyword on your keyword list to find where your YouTube videos rank. This will also help you to select the best keyword for advertising your business.

7. YouTube tags

YouTube uses tags to categorize your videos with keywords. Look for long-tail keywords that relate to the topic of your video. Use broad-term tags or single word tags referring to the broader topic of your video. YouTube is useful because it understands semantic tags.

8. AdWords Keyword Planner

Since the keyword tool on YouTube is obsolete, use the Adwords tool when searching for keywords. This tool is important as it’s free and also reveals the search volume for keywords. You’ll be able to select the best keyword from the results.

9. Review Top Videos by Channel

You can go to a competitor and view their channel by most-watched videos.  This gives you an indicator of what is hot and working, and the keywords they were using to achieve this success.

Google Trends, AdWords, and YouTube autocomplete are important tools for YouTube’s users. Using keywords you’ve taken time to research will increase your rankings on YouTube. To further increase your ranks create professional, well-edited videos that help viewers.