YouTube Red: What Is It and Do You Need It?

YouTube Red- What Is It and Do You Need It- 600

As any of the current crop of “YouTube Stars” could tell you, there is money to be made from online videos. Thanks to hundreds of thousands of subscribers thirsting for entertaining, original content, these new-media entrepreneurs have made it big.

Getting the Most Out of Your Streaming Content

Traditionally, creating engaging content was half the battle, and finding ways to get it in front of eyeballs and monetize it was the other. YouTube’s ad program has made monetizing a bit easier. But a huge market segment was underserved. That is until the last half of 2015 when YouTube rolled out the new-and-improved YouTube Red.

Why was this new platform necessary? Because there are two very distinct types of video-viewing customers, and traditional Youtube was only giving you access to 1 of them.

2 Types of Streaming Watchers

People like to watch videos. But the vast majority of them don’t want to pay a dime for them.

YouTube has used its ad program to keep these viewers happy while paying you in the process. Ad videos run for a short burst before your video or flash harmlessly at the bottom of the video for the occasional interested click.

But what traditional YouTube never addressed was the second, smaller type of viewer. They don’t want to watch ads, in any configuration. And they’ll pay for the privilege.

Market researchers have known about this segment for quite a while. It’s why HBO can flourish when you can see the same movies cut up for ad breaks on regular network TV. And it’s why Netflix has exploded as customers increasingly fork over cash to have more control over how they watch content.

Why Youtube is so late to the party is anyone’s guess. But with Youtube Red here and running, content creators need to be aware of this arena as it relates to potential new opportunities for business.

Giving Viewers the Opportunity to Invest in Your Brand

Besides earning more money, YouTube Red can also be viewed as a way to increase loyalty among your viewers.

When someone pays $10 per month for YouTube Red, they are subconsciously making the commitment to make sure they get $10 worth of value. That means watching your content. Especially if you’re making unique videos specifically for YouTube Red (which the service encourages you to do), your viewers will feel that what they’re seeing is exclusive.

Put Effort into Understanding YouTube Red

There’s no downside to using YouTube Red’s additional features. You’ll earn more base dollars per view for videos you add to the service, and your viewers will get more value out of every visit to your channel. You’ve worked hard to get your videos to where they are today; YouTube Red makes sure you don’t leave a penny on the table.