6 Ways to Delight Your Ideal Customer Online

6 Ways to Delight Your Ideal Customer Online

How do you delight your customer before they even contact you for help?

Companies know they need to be online to reach their ideal customer, but not as many realize they can begin meeting their customer’s needs even before any contact information has been requested or before money has been exchanged.

Here’s how you can begin enchanting your ideal customer through your online presence.

1. Know Their Needs

Before you begin, you must put in the time to think about your ideal customer and their needs. An easy way to do this is to develop buyer personas. They will help you understand who your customer is, where they spend their time, what their needs are, and the best way is to reach them.

2. Answer Their Questions

An easy way to begin developing content for your ideal customer is to answer their questions. Why are they coming to you? What questions do you hear over and over again? Try to develop content that answers their questions about your product and surrounding topics.

3. Solve Their Problems

Whatever service or product you’re selling should provide a perfect solution to their problem. Most importantly, it shouldn’t add to any problems they currently have. Keep your online content simple and to the point.

4. Delight and Dazzle

It used to be that you could throw a simple “How To” article up online and people who were searching for that topic could easily find you. Now it may take a bit more effort to set yourself apart in a crowded online space. Instead of “How to Bake a Cake”, try “How to Bake the Perfect Birthday Cake”. Make sure content is free of errors and typos. Add beautiful images or videos. Delight and dazzle your customers with the quality and depth of your content, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

5. Make it Easy for Them to Find What They’re Looking For

Once your viewer lands on your website, do they stay there for very long? Do they bounce after the first page view? Take another look at your website to make sure it’s easy to navigate and it’s easy for your customer to find crucial information like your phone number and address. Don’t make them jump through hoops to find the content they’re looking for.

6. Give Them an Incentive to Return

If you’re reaching a completely new customer, you want to give them an incentive to return to your website and keep coming back for more. Offer a freebie or resource in a simple call-to-action format in return for signing up for a newsletter. Make sure you match your simple offer to your customer so you know it’s something they would appreciate. For example, someone interested in your plumbing services probably isn’t going to be interested in an ebook with your top 10 secrets to baking the perfect cake. But if you’re selling party supplies, this may be a great fit.

The purpose behind delighting your customer online is to generate trust and establish yourself as an authority on the topic. Once you’ve helped an online reader with a problem, they will begin to see you as an expert and someone they feel comfortable doing business with. Creating helpful and awesome content is one of the best ways to do this.