Two Critical Keys for your Business Website Today

Two Critical Keys for your Business Website Today 600

Key #1: Blogging is here to Stay, Make Sure Your Business is too

In today’s consumer and information-based economy, a blog is a necessity for any successful business website. Blogs are an effective way to communicate about a product or a service or provide the viewer with important information regarding your industry. When presented with clear, informative content, potential customers can easily make an informed decision to spend their money on the goods you’re aiming to provide them with.

Blogging is a prime choice for multiple reasons including:

  • Tell the viewer more about your company and effectively begin to “sell yourself.”;
  • Provide potential customers or clients the intellectual knowledge you’ll want them to know about your industry or services;
  • Share your expertise with the viewer making them more comfortable and trusting of your brand;
  • Engage the customer in personal interaction via feedback through comments;
  • Tastefully place your contact info in more places than one;
  • Maintain a cost-effective PR campaign;
  • Allow you to maintain complete control over the promotion of your brand.

Blogs are becoming one of the most widespread platforms for news and information, and it can put your company at a disadvantage not to have one. An intuitive and well-informed blog on your website is one of the most powerful forms of self-promotion.

Key #2: In 2016, Mobile Devices Are Now the Majority

There are now more mobile devices browsing the web than desktop web surfers, so not only should your website be compatible with desktop users, mobile browsing should be given the same priority. Mobile access accounts for over half of web browsing in 2016.

On the same token, it’s more efficient to have a mobile responsive website, one that “responds” to the device the viewer is on such as smartphone or tablet, for the following reasons;

  • Google analytics prefers it, and in fact, tracks website responsiveness. A responsive web page with one URL is much more likely to rank higher than a non-responsive site;
  • Customers searching for a product who have to switch between a mobile and desktop site on their smartphones are likely to become frustrated and leave the site;
  • It’s far easier to manage content on one website that is responsive on both desktop and mobile devices than to manage separate website and mobile sites;
  • The implementation of SEO tactics also becomes much more manageable on one website rather than two.

It’s a simple fact that your business website needs to cater to the mobile visitor, giving them a high-quality experience on your site.

Responsiveness and Blogging Create the Perfect Harmony

If you pair an informative, resource-rich business blog with a responsive, mobile-friendly web page, your website is more likely to yield sales. Not only will you be able to proactively market your brand, you can do so on any platform. In unison, these two practices will rank your page higher. You’ll have the ability to market your services to virtually all users on the internet.