Breaking through Content Brain Freeze



Writer’s block happens to the best of us. Sometimes, after writing a lot on a specific topic, you’ve run out of fresh ideas and new approaches. You’re simply stuck in a rut, and there isn’t any way out … or is there? When it comes to content marketing, failing to produce relevant and interesting content for your target audience is not an option.

The best course of action is to shake out of your content brain freeze as soon as possible. Don’t wait for inspiration to come to you; seek it out using these surefire techniques:

  • See things from a different perspective

    Brainstorming sessions can energize your tired mind, so gather your marketing team and get them talking. They’ll be thrilled to have a direct input on the direction your strategy is going.

    Don’t have a team? No problem. Reach out to influencers within your niche and solicit their opinion. If you’ve networked well enough, maybe you can even convince them to write a guest post for you.

  • Try something new

    If you’ve always written articles and created infographics, it’s time to shake things up a bit by going for a medium you haven’t used before. Why not create videos? They don’t have to be professionally made. Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram let you share short clips that you can make in your backyard.

    It doesn’t have to be videos, though. If you’ve done them before, choose something that you haven’t done at all. The idea here is to break routine – and hopefully break your content brain free.

  • Find your hero

    Let successful people motivate you to do better. Look at what big names in the same or similar industries have done, and try to extract their best practices and apply them in your life.

    The same goes for those who have failed. Experience is the best teacher, but who says it has to be your own? Learn from their mistakes and vow to do all you can to prevent the same fate from happening to you.

  • Revitalized evergreen content

    The great thing about evergreen content is that it’s always interesting and relevant regardless of the current trends. If you can’t come up with something new, dig up past successful posts, update them, and share them again.

    You can also pick up where you left off by creating a series based on a hugely popular post. That’s much easier than starting from scratch, and you’ve also got the previous post’s attention to leverage on.

    Content brain freeze isn’t forever, but it can take a while to loosen its hold unless you’re proactive about it. The longer you wait, the more opportunities you lose, so at the first sign of content brain freeze, make sure you’re ready to fight it off with the techniques we presented.

Good luck!