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Website Development for Hurricane Boats and Godfrey Pontoon Boats

Website Development for Hurricane Boats and Godfrey Pontoon Boats

Website Development for Hurricane Boats and Godfrey Pontoon BoatsManaging multiple websites separately can be a pain for a marketing team. With different logins and possibly dealing with different content management systems, it is hard to create a cohesive multi-site strategy.

A multi-site web system simplifies things. You use one login to access all sites. Under one account, you are granted the power to edit, add to, and modify multiple domains as you wish. The layouts, promotions, content of any site is congregated on one single online interface. No switching between sites and multiple logins is involved. You can still keep sites and their individual purposes and content separate with different domains while keeping your brand’s uniqueness across all sites.

Website Development for Hurricane Boats and Godfrey Pontoon Boats-2

The Many Features of the New Multi-Website System

Both Hurricane Boats and its sister-site Godfrey Pontoon Boats have a similar theme and style. This allows users to quickly find the boat information they are interested in.  Let’s take a quick look at the shared features of these beautiful sites to see the benefits of multi-site management in action.

Website Development for Hurricane Boats and Godfrey Pontoon Boats-3


Each site’s home page features an eye-catching home page rotating image gallery that showcases the boat models and provides a quick link to their page. The team can easily update and re-order any of these images, therefore, keeping the site fresh and current.

Promotions Management

Using Godfrey Pontoon Boats as an example, we can see how easy it is to promote events and sales with the system. The site has a special area right below the boat models section for promotions and sales. This highly visible area is easily updated at any time with the system. So it can be kept current throughout the year.


Each footer is “sticky” and fixed in place at the bottom of the screen on desktop devices. This keeps important links front and center when scrolling. The footer serves as quick access to two important features:

Website Development for Hurricane Boats and Godfrey Pontoon Boats-1

  • Build a Boat
    The Build a Boat tool lets visitors build their dream boat within an affordable price range. This is a powerful tool that gives users a reason to stay on your site longer. They can literally select their boat with all the custom color and feature combinations, and then see their boat before they order it! In addition, lead capture is implemented into the tool. Users create an account and save their boat design. In this action, their information is collected. As a result, they can be contacted by a dealer nearest to them.
  • Find Your Dealer
    With the Find Your Dealer tool, the move from dream to reality moves is initiated. By providing location and desired boat model, prospects are able to locate dealers near them. Hence, easily to see boats they have in stock or to discuss their pre-select build-a-boat unit.

The Compare Models Tool

Both sites present its various models to visitors on the homepage with a series of image links. The links take visitors to the Compare Model tool where more detailed information on a boat model can be found.

Layouts, a unique description for the model in question,  and specs give prospective buyers an idea of what the final product will look like and how the model will serve their needs. Through the tool, a buyer may compare the luxurious Sanpan series pontoon to the family-friendly Sweetwater.


Both sites feature a video section to show off the product. The system allows you to update these videos as needed.

The beauty of a multi-website system comes is evident when you consider each site’s individuality. Although they maintain some uniformity, they have different feels and styles.

Hurricane Boats is all about action and excitement. The design for users who wish to feel “energized, exhilarated and adventurous.”  Users feel the urge to hop on the Hurricane and take a ride. In contrast, Godfrey Pontoon Boats is more subdued with a Cinzel font, a greyish-blue color scheme and an emphasis on community rather than the individual.

Using a multi-website system, Hurricane Boats is equipped to get more boats and their new owners on the water. Do you need a multi-website system for your business? Contact us.

Website Tools that Work- CorknCleaver - 600

Website Tools that Work: Cork’ N Cleaver

Website Tools that Work- CorknCleaver - 600
A well-designed website is easy for admins to update and control, and even easier for users to navigate. uses the web CMS tools provided by Digital Hill to manage their site effectively.

Digital Hill’s advanced website tools help the Cork’s N Cleaver boost gift card online sales while managing content efficiently. With a powerful content management system at their disposal, web admins can exercise extensive control over site content. As well, with a mobile-friendly design, the site works well on all devices including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Managing Content Effectively

With little to no HTML or programming experience, the CMS system allows you to edit content on your site when needed. With a website you can manage yourself, you have the power to make changes at will without the involvement of a third-party professional web design company. This saves money for the business and offers the ability to alter, delete, or add content quickly when the changes are required.


Clean and simple, the picture below is a great example of the CMS’s easy-to-use interface. With an intuitive interface, admins can organize and toggle through tabs for quick editing as well as exercise control over individual page settings.


Easy Updating of Website Features

With the ability to manage content site-wide,’s CMS tool keeps the site updated by giving admins the ability to alter business related content to:

  • Events and Reservations – Starting from the navigation bar, visitors are led to the Special Events and Reservations pages. Customers looking to book reservations and events with Cork’ N Cleaver can access these pages while admins update and edit page content for occasions such as Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, or birthdays.


  • Price Changes – Changing the price on menu items in response to fluctuations is quick with the CMS system.


  • Location – The Location page doubles as the Contact Page and features a simple form. Customers and inquirers can fill out the form to send questions and concerns directly to the Cork’ N Cleaver. Therefore avoiding the hassle of email. Google maps are conveniently embedded into the page. You can enter an address, and map the way to the restaurant from any location.


  • eCommerce – The eCommerce capabilities of the site are simplified with the CMS system. Once you have selected your gift card, your choice immediately shows up in the cart. Hence you can check out or review the items you have chosen. Admins can easily add items and goods to the eCommerce area.


Thinking about a website upgrade?  Now’s the time to make your site mobile friendly and to add more website tools. Allow customers to do more on your site and streamline your processes.  Contact us today to discuss your needs!


migrating your website from-one-hosting service to another-315

Migrating your Website from One Hosting Service to Another


migrating your website from-one-hosting service to another-315

New technologies make moving your site from one host to another much easier. However, regardless of how fast the transfer speed is, the typical customer may experience some degree of downtime during the transfer.

Depending on what is going on behind the scenes, the transfer process of DNS servers between the new and old web hosts can result in a domain “propagating” or going dark between 12 to 72 hours after the change request is submitted to the new host.

However, before you can plan your web hosting provider move, it’s essential to find the right service for the job. Look for a web host that gives you the service you want and need.

The Value of Quality Web Hosting

When you own a business, your number one priority is to make sure customers can find you when searching for what you have to offer. If your web hosting provider is sub-par, you won’t be found. This typically doesn’t have anything to do with your search engine rank, but because your site is down too often.  Dirt cheap hosting is exactly the quality of the price.  Be careful with the low price options!

When a site is down, it means it has fallen into the abyss of web server issues. Until your hosting service gets the server back online, no one can access the website – this is big trouble!  Many times cheap providers host hundreds of sites on one server.  If one of them is compromised it can take the whole server down and every site that is on that server!

The Cost of Excessive Downtime

When your site is down often, even if it’s only for short periods of time, you are losing money. You’re paying for web hosting services you aren’t receiving, and your customers are unable to find you and contact you online. If they’re looking for your services or products, they are instead going to find your competition. If they’re trying to make an online purchase now, they are going to visit a site that is up and functioning properly.  As well, it will increase your customer service calls with frustrated clients rather than one’s ready to buy!

When searching for a web hosting provider, it’s essential to ask about their uptime track record. If they have 98-99% uptime, then you’ve found a good provider. However, if the web hosting company makes excuses for downtime issues, you need to look elsewhere.

Excellent Customer Service

While having a maximum amount of uptime for your website is a top priority, it’s simply not possible all of the time – regardless of claims made by a provider. While any downtime is a problem, you need to be able to contact a person when an issue arises. Regardless if the problem happens at 3 in the afternoon or 6 in the morning, having a real, live person to email and talk with to discuss solutions for the hosting issue is important. How will your host offer support?

Web hosting is not a new concept. However, you can’t choose just any provider. You have to put in time and effort to find the right web hosting service!  Remember, not all hosting is created equal.

google search goes mobile-first-315

Google Search Goes Mobile First

google search goes mobile-first-315

Accessing the internet on mobile devices has officially overtaken desktop access. Not quite sure if this matters? Take a look at the latest big search change from Google. The search engine giant announced it would release a mobile search separate from its desktop search. Indexing a site is the process of scanning a website to determine where it will come up in the rankings. This, alone, is a major change, but the mobile index will be the PRIMARY method of determining rank, making it the key, the clincher.

Considering how quickly people switched to mobile internet searching, it’s a smart move that shows the evolution of the web. Desktop searches, which were once the lifeline of Google, now account for less than 45 percent of all web searches. More people than ever are using mobile devices to look up information.

As the switch to indexing websites by mobile first is waiting to be initiated, there are more questions than answers. For instance, how will mobile indexing work? Will it affect sites with less content on their mobile versions than desktop versions? How often will Google maintain the desktop index with it being relegated to second tier status?

The answer to these questions will become clearer in the upcoming weeks, but these tips will help you to prepare:

Create a Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Website

You may think most websites are mobile-friendly, but a high number are not. If you’ve been putting off creating a responsive website for your business, the time is now. A responsive website works fully on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.  If you don’t have a site that does this, the odds are high your site will receive poor rankings once the indexing begins. Google will rank your site whether it’s mobile-friendly or not, and the rankings could be quite low if you don’t have a mobile site. The key is that your mobile site MUST include all the site content.  It cannot be a “trimmed down” or simple version just for mobile users.  It’s what Google will index of your domain online!

Place Relevant Content on Your Mobile Site

Many times, due to size constraints, a company’s mobile site will feature less content than its desktop equivalent. Less information is easier to view on a smaller screen. With this new algorithm, a mobile site must be optimized, even more than desktop sites, and must carry the full site.

The time is over where you can get away with a simple mobile version of your website with less content. If you don’t place relevant content on your site, it will hurt your search results. The key, here, is to have a website that is responsive. That means it senses the size of the screen it’s being viewed on and displays the content accordingly.

Have a Strategy

Mobile design used to be an option to a desktop site. Things have changed, and it’s now the default design. More than ever before, you must have a mobile strategy. If you’re still focused on desktop design, you must change your mindset and focus on mobile if you want to succeed.  Page load speed, font size, responsiveness, lead capture, and scroll depth are just some elements to consider for a mobile site.  They’ve got to work seamlessly to provide a good experience for your visitors.  So much so that Google is implementing changes to basically force this.

The world is changing, and your website needs to change with it. Google is changing, too, so you need to act if you don’t want the world to pass you by. Is your site mobile responsive?  Don’t know?  Contact us and we’ll check it out for you!


Powerful Website Systems: - 315

Powerful Website Systems: CommodoreHomes . com

Powerful Website Systems: - 315Commodore Homes’ new site helps visitors get to the home of their dreams faster. Specializing in modular home design, Commodore Homes needed to put the tools to design and customize homes into the hands of customers. Therefore, we built powerful website systems: with the user in mind.  The website includes these advanced tools designed to improve user engagement:

InHouse Experiences

Interactivity and control are main features of Commodore’s site. Utilize the InHouse Experiences tool to see and create the house you want to be built.  Hence, interiors and exteriors are under your control as you customize roofing, stories, flooring, and other options. There are so many categories and combinations for you to choose from, for example, opt for the Blanco Romano countertop and the brushed nickel hardware.

Starting with the exterior, the site guides you through design, step-by-step. While you design the exterior, you are presented with the options of choosing roof angles, shutters, front doors, and sidings. As you click through your selections, the picture refreshes to show your updates as you go.

Next, we head into the interior, you choose the floorplan (with bedroom and bath plans) you envision. Then go on to design your kitchen with numerous choices in hardware, flooring, countertops, appliances, and cabinets.

From curb appeal to stylish interiors, you are free to fully customize the look and feel of your home. Exert your personality over your new home with InHouse Experiences.

Builder Tools

Both Commodores and builders have access to the site’s extensive set of tools. With builder and dealer tools, builders and site admins can:

  • Use logins to access information and resources about the homes they offer
  • Manage, edit and add to modules
  • Create new displays
  • Add more categories
  • Embed InHouse Experiences to their site

Customer Accounts

A Customer Account allows you to save your configurations and floor plans as you modify your project. Creating the account is as simple as filling out a few fields (password, address, email) in a form. As you complete the form, you will be prompted to provide a zip code. The zip code and address you enter will be used to search for Commodore Builders in your area.

About Commodore Corporation

One of the largest builders in the United States, Commodore Corporation is a manufacturer of modular homes that cost much less and provide more customization than traditional site built homes.

Moreover, Digital Hill’s newly designed website for the Commodore Corporation provides a diverse range of customization options from specialized website tools. Visitors coming to can come with a vision and leave with the home of their dreams.  Best of all, the Commodore team has the management web tools to be able to update, control and manage all these advanced features.

Need a robust website that performs multiple types of tasks? Contact we can help.


New Landscape Website: Wihebrink Landscape Management


Our newest website for Wihebrink Landscape,, is a great model of the landscaping business it represents; neat, professional, visually appealing and clean.

This new site is heavy on imagery, lower on text, and has a straightforward layout. Starting with its simple global navigation bar, image links, and a front-page gallery, this site is attractive and easy to use.

Gallery Areas

Good landscaping adds distinctiveness, uniqueness and variety to your yard and home.

Visual appeal is a major aspect of landscape design, therefore, the site has been designed around this concept. Galleries are an effective tool for “showing” and not “telling” a business’s offerings. Instead of large chunks text, visitors get visual examples of the outdoor entertaining areas, patios, and renovations that the company has already done. This gives new customers confirmation that WLM can get the job done, giving them a chance to be inspired regarding landscaping they want for their own homes.

With WLM Inc’s 50 years in the business, there are numerous examples of the company’s previous landscaping experience. Several galleries have been placed on the site, each highlighting Wihebrink Landscape Management Inc’s services, and business model.

The home page greets prospective clients and visitors with a gallery showcasing examples of the past landscaping projects from the company. The rotating slideshow gives the new site a dynamic feel and treats visitors to a slideshow of select photos.

From a company standpoint, our CMS makes it easy to update galleries as needed. New service? Results from a recent landscaping project? A look inside the day-to-day workings of WLM? Photos can be added or removed giving web admins control over one of the site’s main features.

There are 7 Gallery Areas:

  • Spaces for Family & Friends
  • How It’s Made
  • Mother Nature’s Materials
  • Beauty in Brick Pavers
  • Protect What You Have
  • Mistaway Insect Control
  • Best Looking Lawn in Neighborhood

Other Site Features

Mobile Responsiveness

With millions of users connecting to the Internet with mobile devices, mobile responsiveness is almost vital to modern web design. The site is responsive, with a layout that transfers well across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.


WLM Inc’s “News” section serves as a blog, with posts delivering company updates to readers. With such an image-heavy site, the News provides an option for local SEO. When home and property owners search for local landscaping companies in a search engine, blog posts will often show up. The current site’s posts focus on WLM’s projects in several cities and areas around Indiana.

WLM Inc’s new site is its second one with Digital Hill. The redesign serves as a visual showcase for the services the company has to offer. While the standard blog and mobile responsive features are there, the redesign lets the landscaping company post proof of its body of work. Gallery areas present past projects and an intimate look at WLM Inc.

Need a professional website with tools your team can manage to keep it updated and fresh with new pages, products, and visuals?  We can help.


The Newest Website We’ve Built: The LaGrange County Community Foundation (LCCF. net)


The LaGrange County Community Foundation connects youth organizations, students and the community to numerous scholarships and grants funded by donors. With a mission to sustain leadership and service in  LaGrange County community, millions have been raised for projects and community needs in areas such as arts and culture, recreation, and human services. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a new website for the foundation.

Our new website makes it easier for donors, students, and community members to use and navigate the site with:

  • Mobile Responsiveness

    Viewing the website on the mobile device is just as easy as viewing it on a desktop. This makes it accessible for students on-the-go or for visitors to take a quick look on a smartphone or tablet.

  • Organized Front Page Design

    A good front page answers questions quickly. The new website is laid out so the target audience is routed to the appropriate links quickly. New visitors are invited by the gallery to explore the new site and call to actions (CTAs) while getting a glimpse of current scholarships and upcoming events. Right below the gallery, 3 hyperlinks (accompanied by effective graphics) are available; Ways to Give, Apply for A Grant, and Find a Scholarship.

Starting with the website’s Global Navigation, the site is divided into 6 sections with some tabs having drop-down menus for simplicity. The first 3 sections provide information about donors, grants, and scholarships.

  • Donor Opportunities

    Donors and their charitable donations are the backbone of the foundation. The website directs potential donors to several ways of giving (through life insurance, cash, or trusts), fund types, donor rights, and a FAQs.

  • Grants

    The LaGrange County Community Foundation provides grants for programs that provide needed or innovative services to LaGrange County. Qualifying nonprofit and government organizations are eligible to receive a grant through the application process. LIFE Grants are available for local youth organizations and schools.

  • Scholarships

    There’s an astounding amount of scholarships provided by the Foundation. Most of the scholarships were inspired by local residents and are provided to students attending local schools. While some scholarships are targeted for general access to higher education, there are plenty geared toward specific subjects such as journalism and agri-business.

A community-based foundation, the LaGrange County Community Foundation furthers its mission in the community by providing donors with an avenue to give and by offering a great amount of scholarships and grants to students and organizations. Donors, students, community leaders, and schools can navigate the new website and help the foundation fulfill its goal of enhancing the LaGrange County community.

Most importantly for the organization, they can easily control adding new content, pages, news, and keep the latest information in front of their web visitors.  More than a site, it’s a powerful communication tool using Digital Hill’s advanced website CMS system.

It’s a win for the organization and those they serve!


Aesthetics vs. Usability in Web Design

Aesthetics vs. Usability in Web Design

Aesthetics vs. Usability in Web Design

When it comes to your website, a site that’s easy to the eye will leave a positive, lasting impression. First impressions matter on the web where people make decisions in seconds on whether to stay or go!  And while it’s easy to get carried away with design extravagances that look cool, you must always keep usability in mind. Let’s take a closer look at aesthetics vs. usability in web design.

If you’re selling a product or service, a great looking website can help convert browsing visitors into paying customers. That is unless it gets overly complicated. Even if your website is an artistic masterpiece aesthetically, users will leave if they experience:

  • Hard to navigate web pages on mobile devices
  • Non-intuitive layout
  • Pages that are slow to load
  • Dead links, too much scrolling, or other errors and bugs

In UX Design, Functionality and Aesthetics Go Hand in Hand

One thing you mustn’t do is treat the aesthetics of your website separate from the functionality. The aesthetics of your web page involves its visual design and desired appeal. The usability is, of course, the features and functions.  Usability and aesthetics should be treated as equals.

Natural, Logical and Consistent — Three Important Characteristics

While your website’s code is written in seemingly unnatural languages, rendered and displayed by web browsers, your audience is human. Before a website is displayed for the public, it must be tested. It must be tested again after every modification. During the testing process, factors to check for are:

  • Consistency; making sure each element correlates with each other.
  • Your website should have a “natural feel” to its layout. Avoid anything overly rigid or sharp contrasting edges.
  • A website’s layout should simply make sense. Each element, button, link or application should be in areas users would actually look for them.  Intuitive processes are key!

Creating Immediate Interest Is Essential

There are a lot (over a billion!) websites available to the public. If users visit your website and have questions as to its purpose, it’s practically guaranteed they’re going to leave. Here’s a list of things that are likely to help first-time viewers convert into customers:

  • Highly visible, high-resolution images related to your website’s core offerings.
  • Clear, appropriately sized, legible text.
  • A usable, well-organized layout that makes navigation intuitive and smooth.
  • Having a clear call to actions on display, such as showcasing a well-maintained store or catalog, or prompting them to register for a newsletter.
  • Offering a simple, but clear soft-lead-capture offer.

The most central reason for launching a website is to engage users into taking some sort of action. Web and UX design don’t only include factors such as color, shading or animations. Usability, mobile responsiveness, and purpose are equally as important.

If your website looks aesthetically pleasing and users are leaving about as quickly as they arrive, you’ll probably need to give its functionality a second review!

How’s your website performing?  If you have questions, we can help.






Local Hospital Website Design for


Potential customers don’t want to search around and through an unorganized website. They want to quickly and easily navigate the site to find the information they want. Our latest website design for is a clean, well laid out site; highlighting the services of Pinnacle Hospital. The new site has the following features:

  • CMS (Content Management System) – Web administrators can easily alter and optimize content with our content management system.
  • Clean Design – From the global navigation and utility navigation bars to the footer, the site is clear to follow.
  • Mobile Responsive – During an emergency, you’re not likely to be on a desktop computer. The site is easy to see on a smartphone or tablet as it’s mobile responsiveness allows it to adjust to mobile screens.
  • Physician Search API Integration – When you come to a medical site, it’s often to find a specific doctor or to search by specialty area.  That’s simple on the new site with the MD Staff API integration allowing Pinnacle to easily keep current their medical team directory.

Website User Experience

Pinnacle’s new site is in line with its goal to make sure patients and visitors are comfortable from the get-go. When a visitor comes to the site for information or to make a payment, they can make their way around the site with ease.

Like a well run hospital or a clinic’s waiting room, is orderly. The site is designed to be scannable with information presented in a clear, precise way. Just like a doctor’s office.


The “About Us” and “Contact” links are right at the top. They are found quickly by users looking to know more about Pinnacle Hospital.

The link “Services and Specialties” is the first on the global navigation bar and has a drop-down menu with an arrow to indicate sub-menus. Visitors see a selection of Pinnacle’s many services.

Three main features, “Urgent Care”, “News & Events” and “Find a Physician”, are in the center of the site, drawing visitors eyes to them. While the other two are self-explanatory, the “News & Events” section provides updates to visitors, keeping the audience engaged.

Plenty of white space surrounds each section, keeping it organized. The text in these sections is keyword rich and purposefully short, avoiding clutter. Buttons styles containing clickable text are professional and easy to see.

Additional features like prominent search bars and an informational footer at the bottom of the site help users find what they need quickly. Some of the links in the secondary navigation bar are present at the footer for quick navigation.


Emphasizing their services, Pinnacle Hospital’s new site represents their medical services. The color scheme (blue and white) brings a unified, calm, clinical and professional look to the web page. The new website design is not just a cleaner look. It is an extension of Pinnacle Hospital’s brand and its mission to serve each person with excellence.

Digital Hill is pleased to provide Pinnacle Healthcare with a new site and the tools to keep their site updated going forward.





Digital Hill's Newest Website_ - 315

Local Business Website Design:

constanLocal Business Website Design:

Introducing Digital Hill’s newest website build.

Select Sewing Service is a company that connects consumers with various sewing products, machines, and classes in the greater Indianapolis area. The website’s design reflects the business with a creative, stitched theme throughout the web pages.

Website Design Features:

  • Photo Gallery – A photo gallery is a clean and efficient way of introducing potential customers to the site while showcasing the business visually. The site’s 2 galleries display the business’s operations, machines, workers, and projects, providing an intimate look into the company while adding interesting visual elements to the site.
  • CMS System – A CMS system makes updating and maintaining content a breeze. All content comes under a site admin’s control as you modify, create, or delete text, images, and pages and alter navigation on the site. Digital Hill’s CMS has built-in SEO tools. It’s easy to add keywords and meta descriptions for SEO optimization. This gives the company power to update the site at any time. Therefore allowing web visitors to have access to the latest information.
  • Mobile Responsiveness – can be accessed by audiences on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets with its responsive design. Mobile responsiveness gives a modern fluidity to images and text on a site. The same site can be “spread” across multiple devices and retain a cohesive look. Improved user experience makes a website easier to read and quicker to browse. The new site will not lose potential leads due to the inflexibility of a static web page.
  • Blog Resource Center – Blogs keep customers notified about products and new information and keeps the content updated. It makes the site resource-rich.  Non-customers who peruse the blog can gain insight about the company’s niche and may begin trusting the company. Blog posts are a great opportunity to demonstrate the expertise and authority that will set your business apart.

Lead Capture Tools:

  • Waftio for Lead Capture – A Waftio widget lies at the bottom right-hand corner of the website, beckoning visitors to register for the email newsletter. The widget is a convenient lead capture tool that is used site-wide. Upon submission of an email address, the visitor becomes a lead and is added to their email marketing list. For this particular site, a slide in form is incorporated at the bottom left-hand corner. Its green color contrasts with the primary purple and white colors to grab attention. Because it is not a traditional pop-up, it is less obtrusive.

Digital Hill’s newest website has features that make the site pleasant for both the visitor and the site owners. Select Sewing Service’s site is professional, clean, responsive, and ready to capture more leads for one of Indianapolis’s long-running small businesses.