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New eCommerce Website for The Dutch Kettle

New-eCommerce-Website-for-The-Dutch-Kettle-315Naturally made and delicious, The Dutch Kettle’s jams, barbecue sauces, mustards, pickled foods, and salsas have been produced from the farms of North Central Indiana for decades. Natural ingredients and simple ingredient labels make up the product line of The Dutch Kettle. It’s the homestyle product customers have come to know and expect. Now, The Dutch Kettle is taking things to the next level with a redesigned e-commerce website.

Welcome to!

The new e-commerce website is designed with the customer in mind.  With e-commerce, mobile support, and a community element, the site provides customers with a new way to interact with The Dutch Kettle.


Just like its delicious products, The Dutch Kettle website is simple, in a good way. Site visitors can find what they need easily and quickly. In particular, the navigation bar is simple and clear to help people find their way through the site. The site design is understated but still attractive and engaging.

Thematically, the site is consistent with the brand’s natural focus. In essence, mimicking the very colors of nature with green, brown, and white as the primary site colors. The products are put front and center and are the main attraction of the site.

Three of their most popular offerings (fruit salsa, garden salsa, jams) are accessible through the widget area that leads directly to the product page.

eCommerce Website

The Dutch Kettle’s site is supported by a robust e-commerce system. It doesn’t take tons of time to add products, update product descriptions, or manage inventory. Therefore, it is easy for the business and the customer. Want to try their Peach Salsa? Maybe their Jalapeno Honey Mustard would be good on a sandwich?


Just select the product, and you’re on the product’s page. From there read more about the product, see the nutrition label, and check out the price. Want to go forward with the purchase? Select the quantity and hit Add to Cart.

Similarly, the Shopping Cart is just as easy to navigate. Add and remove products and update the quantity and your convenience. All set? Click the check out button.


Many of us often start our search for products on our smartphone. Over 60% of us, in fact. The Dutch Kettle’s old website was not mobile responsive. Have you ever attempted to navigate a non-mobile website on your mobile phone? What a pain! The new website is free from those constraints. As a result, shopping for the next barbecue sauce to grace your chicken is now a breeze on this mobile-friendly website!


When customers buy The Dutch Kettle’s tasty offerings, the Recipe Center can help them find new ways to eat their jams, salsas and other products as well as incorporate The Dutch Kettle’s products into their meals.

In addition, if a customer has their own recipe that they can’t wait to share, the Recipe Center is also open to customers adding their own recipes!

Powered by Digital Hill, The Dutch Kettle’s redesigned website allows the company to provide a community to its customers and showcase its quality products worldwide.

Is it time to take your business online? Do you need to update an existing website? Come talk to us!

6 Top WordPress Plugins for your Website-315

6 Top WordPress Plugins for your Website

6 Top WordPress Plugins for your Website-315One of the biggest benefits of a WordPress-based website is plugins. They are a quick, easy way to add advanced features and functions to a website without adding code. However, this can be overwhelming, as too many plugins can cause a long site load time. The answer is to add well-coded plugins that don’t put a drag on the site. Here are the top WordPress plugins for your site to get you started.


Jetpack is the perfect plugin to get started with, as it’s made by the creators of WordPress. It includes many features to improve your site, and you have access to premium options in a paid tier. Jetpack gives a site additional general purpose tools, social media scheduling, security features, site backup, spam protection, and caching, to name just a few.

The standout benefits include adding more security to your site and speeding up your site performance. Whether you simply want the basic configuration or you’re looking to tweak your WordPress installation, you need Jetpack.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress is an SEO-friendly content management system out of the box, but WordPress SEO by Yoast gives your site additional power. The plugin provides fine-tuned control over meta descriptions, permalinks and shows you the SEO friendliness of a page or post, and additional features that make your site more attractive to the search engines.

WordFence Security

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, so it draws a lot of attention from hackers. WordFence Security adds an extra level of protection to your site, so you don’t have to worry about it getting hit with commonplace exploits.

Don’t wait until after you’ve been hacked to start looking into security features. You won’t regret being proactive about this part of running and maintaining your WordPress site.

All In One Rich Snippets

Want to flesh out your search engine information with rich snippets? This tool makes it a simple process. Whether you want to let, Google know that you have movie ratings or a structured recipe on the page Rich Snippets are a powerful tool for enhancing the user experience, and it improves your rankings in the search results.

WP Smush

Do you love putting a lot of images on your blog posts and pages? While the site might look good, images can slow the load time of your site. WP Smush compresses photos and other visual content to speed up site loading without compromising on quality.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Chances are, you already use Google Analytics to monitor website traffic. Google’s full-featured analytics have many useful reports, but remembering to log in to your dashboard doesn’t always happen.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP brings this information directly into your WordPress site. You can view your traffic on your site dashboard.

After you see how these plugins enhance your WordPress site, you’ll want to explore plugins with more specific use cases.

When working with new plugins, don’t install all of them at the same time. Activate them one by one, checking your site for problems that happen due to a plugin conflict.

Jetpack for WordPress - Pros and Cons-315

Jetpack for WordPress – Pros and Cons

Jetpack for WordPress - Pros and Cons-315The WordPress Jetpack plugin comes with many features for your website. The creators of WordPress, Automattic, are the ones who developed this plugin. You can find this plugin on countless sites, and it has many features, but is it worth adding to yours?

Jetpack for WordPress Basics

This toolkit encompasses many features that website owners need as a foundation for their site. The full functionality list is a bit overwhelming, but here is a quick list of what Jetpack is capable of:

  • Theme installation and management
  • Security
  • Social sharing
  • SEO
  • Spam filtering
  • Site backups
  • Site optimization
  • Marketing automation

The basic Jetpack features are free. But more advanced features, like site backups, are part of the paid Jetpack plugin.

Let’s figure out if Jetpack the right choice for your goals and your website.

Pros: Jetpack for WordPress

Jetpack is an all-in-one plugin that encompasses many WordPress features most websites need. The caching features are excellent, especially if you have a high volume site.

The security features are another major benefit. Since WordPress is the most-used content management system in the world, (It runs approximately 29% of all the world’s websites), it gets a lot of attention from hackers. While staying up to date with the latest WordPress updates may eliminate most vulnerabilities, having an extra layer of protection through Jetpack is critical. Many vulnerabilities aren’t found until they are an issue. The additional layer of security you get from Jetpack will eliminate most worries.

Downtime monitoring will alert you to issues that take your site down and render it inaccessible. Since you want to avoid downtime as much as possible, getting a quick warning can help you speed up the troubleshooting process.

Site analytics, social sharing, related posts and other marketing features work well for fueling site growth and streamline the manual tasks required to promote your posts after you write them.

Since Automattic, the company that owns WordPress, created this plugin, you don’t have to worry about it being neglected or missing security updates. Frequent improvements and patches keep this plugin going strong.

Cons: Jetpack for WordPress

Jetpack sounds wonderful on the surface, as it brings many of the best WordPress. com performance features to self-hosted WordPress websites. However, whether it’s the right choice for your site or not requires a closer look.

The all-in-one approach is the biggest boon and bane for Jetpack. If you don’t have any best-in-class favorites in the categories that it covers, then it’s a no-brainer to get all of that handled at the same time.

However, Jetpack’s advantages start to drop off if you have a robust plugin load and you’re only after a handful of the features. While you can toggle everything off and on as needed, it’s still taking up resources that a single purpose plugin doesn’t.

The other big disadvantage is the price if you want to use any of the advanced features. While the baseline offerings are handy, the power user tools are locked behind paid subscriptions. If you’re already juggling other paid plugins, you may find it difficult to fit Jetpack into your budget.

There’s no clear-cut answer on whether Jetpack is worth it for your site. Consider the pros and the cons as they apply to your unique situation, and choose the option that serves your short and long-term goals. Need help deciding?  We can consult with you and make recommendations or do full/partial setups.

Introducing the Mennonite Health Assembly Website-315

Introducing the Mennonite Health Assembly Website

Introducing the Mennonite Health Assembly Website-315Mennonite Health Services (MHS) provides resources and consulting services to other faith-grounded, not-for-profit organizations. From help with hiring employees and selecting board members to provide leadership development programs, MHS helps organizations not only thrive and improve but to stay rooted in their mission. Their new website,, allows them to continue the support.

Introducing is a cohesive, clean website that represents MHS and its mission. The site is designed around 4 main colors that serve to carefully segment the site for easier navigation without clashing or becoming a distraction.

With a simple navigation bar, an image gallery and the main site links prominently displayed, a new site visitor (or a returning one) would have no problem finding the resources they need from the website.

The site’s design features are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. However, MHS’s new site has other standout features.

Mobile Responsiveness

MHS new website is mobile responsive. This feature simplifies things for both MHS and site visitors. Let’s take a look at the importance of having a mobile responsive website.

What are the benefits of a mobile responsive site? Well, there are quite a few. First, a mobile responsive website suits the current online climate we are in. Billions of people are searching for information online from a mobile device.

When sites are not responsive, they can be a pain to use. Having to scroll horizontally or resize tiny text can turn them off a website. Google now requires websites to have a consistent look on all devices, or they will penalize the website. Mobile responsive websites fulfill this requirement beautifully and seamlessly.

Whether you are on a smartphone, tablet, or sitting at a computer, you can comfortably view the website. Why? Mobile responsive websites automatically resize to fit the screen you’re on.

Unlike a standalone mobile website, mobile responsive websites aren’t on separate URLs. Visitors searching for MHS all come to the same site. They can view the site and have the content optimized for their particular device.

When MHS updates their website in the future, they don’t have to fuss with separate websites. There’s only 1 site to maintain.

Lead Capture Form

Powered by Waftio, the site features an easy-to-use subscription form for soft lead capture. Soft lead capture allows sites to capture information from visitors while they are on the website.The lead capture forms allow visitors and organizations connect with MHS by quickly filling out a form.

Member Directory

MHS serves to connect organizations with resources and one another. The member directory is an important extension of that mission. It provides members and organizations looking for help with the means to reach out to one another. With an embedded Google map and an extensive list, one can search for a member by name, zip code, the kind of service provided, or geographic location.

Designed by Digital Hill, Mennonite Health Services new website is a vital element in continuing the community building and organizational support services the Mennonite and Anabaptist community has provided for decades.

Yoast SEO for WordPress Websites-315

Yoast SEO for WordPress Websites

Yoast SEO for WordPress Websites-315It’s so important to draw as many quality visitors to your website as possible. Being on the first page of Google for the keywords people search for your products and services is essential for any business.

That’s why I use and recommend the search engine optimization WordPress plugin Yoast SEO. It has a free version, so there is no reason not to give it a try. I was taken back by how easy it is to use and what Yoast SEO did for my website and my client’s sites from using the tool over time.  In short, a key benefit of Yoast is that it helps you easily ensure any page on your website is SEO optimized for a keyword term.

Easy to Setup

The beauty of WordPress is its ability to easily and quickly accomplish tasks that would be extremely challenging with other website software. For instance the ability to quickly add and remove website features without much fuss via plugins.

To add the Yoast SEO plugin just go to plugins on your manager sidebar >> new plugins and search for Yoast. Add it to the site and activate it.

Yoast doesn’t require a lot of optimization out of the box, and you can get into the nitty-gritty and customize the heck out of it if you want.

The free version provides fantastic benefits. And there are some incentives for using the Pro plugins like optimizing for additional keywords, optimizing social media posts and images and optimize redirects.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization can be a challenge for this writing web copy for individual website pages. That is where the keyword optimization tool in Yoast SEO is exceptionally beneficial. With the free version you can optimize a post or web page for a single keyword phrase. But with Yoast SEO Pro, optimize up to 5 keywords per page.  Simply type in the phrase and Yoast analyzes the page content and gives you feedback in simple “stoplight terms of green, yellow, or red” status.

Checks and Scans

The Yoast SEO plugin reads the content I create for a post and comes back with a readability score. This way, I know what I need to improve. It lets me know if my sentences are too long and difficult to read. If they’re written in passive voice, which tends to bore readers, I’m alerted. All of this in an effort to make my content interesting and best readable to web viewers.

Google sees images as a big black hole unless they have certain features. So every picture must have Alt text associated with it. Yoast scans every image to make sure my Alt text is in place.

Yoast SEO reminds me to add internal links to my own website. Also to add external links to resources I’ve used along with giving me other tips and ideas in the summary area.

While all these scans may not sound like that big of a deal, when you lump them together, they make a big impact on your SEO over time. And keeping track of all of this on your own will only bring a pounding headache.

Yoast gives you the ability to make the article indexable for search engines or not, and the links follow or nofollow. It also gives you a place to adjust a canonical URL if needed to make it the most SEO friendly.  While this may sound like a foreign language now when you need these capabilities, you’ll have them at your fingertips.  As long as you follow the simple instructions the tool gives you, you can optimize a page fairly easily.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important improvements any website owner can do for their site. Especially if your business relies on Internet traffic for sales, leads and new customers. I can recommend Yoast SEO for WordPress users to help them optimize each page they produce on their website!


Introducing the Naples Coastal Vet Website

Introducing Coastal Animal Hospital is a new veterinary facility dedicated to the health of dogs, cats, and small animals in Naples, Florida. With cutting-edge treatment, personalized service, and well-trained, caring staff, Naples Coastal provides quality care for pets and their owners. Their new website,, developed by us, showcases their excellent services.

The meat and potatoes of

Clean, intuitive, and well organized, the website allows visitors and clients to locate services, receive updates, and peruse the site quickly and easily.

Whether visitors want to schedule appointments, discover Naples Coastal’s services, learn about the hospital’s history, or look for contact information, the site isn’t cumbersome or confusing. The navigation sections of the website provide visitors with access to the essential links and information about the hospital.


The header for the site gives visitors important information in one place. Instead of being located in the footer or posted on another page (or not at all), the hours, contact number, and address is right in the header and accessible everywhere.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is simply designed and contains links to the site’s main pages. Additionally, it has a convenient link to Naples Coastal’s Facebook page. The navigation bar communicates what the site is about even before visitors read on.


The footer is a particularly express part of this website. At a glance, visitors can see the hospitals certifications as well as the site navigation.

Here are the standout features of Naples Coastal Animal Hospital’s new website:


With a blog, Naples Coastal is able to keep their clients updated. And use this platform to share their knowledge and expertise with readers. Blogs are an excellent way to add relevant (and search engine friendly) content to the website as well as injecting life into the site. Currently, the blog is geared toward sharing tips for pet owners dealing with vet visits.

Contact Form

When a prospective client is considering taking their pet to the vet, they may not want to call right away. Likewise, they may not want to search for an email address. The contact form (located in the navigation and above the footer) lets prospects reach out without the hassles of using email or the time constraints of phone calls.

Photo Gallery

Photo galleries are perfect for helping familiarize the site to visitors. Naples Coastal’s new website galleries showcase of furry patients offers a heartwarming glimpse at the esteem the hospital holds its service and clients.

Online Appointment Setting

One of the most important features of the site is the online appointment setting. Old and new clients can access a portal to set appointments for their pets. Powered by ezyVet, the portal is convenient and easy to navigate. Rather than having to call to schedule an interview, clients can go to the portal and get help when needed at a later time. Clients can exercise their power to find the times that work best for them and their furry companions.

Designed by Digital Hill, Naples Coastal’s new website brings another layer of service. Clients and prospects can come to the site and learn about the care the hospital provides. More importantly, the site is designed to allow pet owners to easily connect with the hospital. Thus enabling pet owners to get care their pets.

What is WPJobManager and How To Use It On Your WordPress Site-315-1

What is WPJobManager and How To Use It On Your WordPress Site

What is WPJobManager and How To Use It On Your WordPress Site-315-1
The WP Job Manager plugin adds a job-board to your WordPress website. It’s lightweight and based on shortcode. It only needs a little CSS styling, and it will work with any theme without much trouble. Use the shortcode to list jobs and create a job submission form. You have an employer dashboard where jobs can be edited or deleted. Add a shortcode to insert the visitor facing content on the site.

This plugin is free. Once the installation is done, you can have as many job listings as you’d like. It even has the ability to allow your visitors to post their job vacancies. The plugin integrates well with your WP back-end and front-end themes.

If you would like to create more functionality with WP Job Manager buy and install the add-ons that come with the plugin. The plugin also allows several 3rd party add-ons to make job posting, taking applications and application processing easy and fast.

Some of these add-ons include Applications forms, WC Paid listings, Apply with Facebook, Bookmarks, Jetpack (free), and WP All Import among others. You can also use the plugin to create a website dedicated to jobs online. Add-ons like Resume Manager let you restrict resume viewing and applicant contact details to just those users that have active subscriptions.

Using WPJobManager

Install WP Job Manager straight from WordPress plugin directory. You need to log into the admin dashboard and search WP Job Manager from the Add Plugins screen. The plugin immediately adds a new Job Listings sidebar where you can access different features and settings.

On the plugin settings page, you can determine what to do with the expired or filled job listings. You can also manage website users along with their submissions and determine which pages on your website would display the listings as well as the job forms.

User experience

An easy to use Admin UI

Jobs are organized for easy access. Critical job and company information is well placed to be easily read. The admin also has access to search and filter functionality.

Ease of filtering jobs by applicants

The job listings are ajax powered and the results shown instantly. Your visitors are also able to filter by jobs type, category, location, and keywords. The search also displays an RSS feed where job applicants can subscribe to the feed and get updates when new jobs that match their requirements are posted on the site.

Front-end job submission by other employers

If you’re running a jobs website, employers subscribed to your site can list jobs from the front end. They can input the job type and description as well as the location and company details.

Each of the listings can also be assigned an email address or a site from which applicants can apply. The plugin has a preview mode, which allows employers to see how the live job listing will look like, and make edits where needed.

WP Job Manager plugin is easy to use and gives a site owners many capabilities on how to format and post job listings. Many other functionalities can be purchased right from the plugin.

Need assistance getting this setup on your WordPress site? Let us know! We can help.

Goshen Named Community of the Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce-315

Goshen Named Community of the Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Goshen Named Community of the Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce-315Goshen Indiana has been awarded the title of Community of The Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Indiana Chamber officials indicated the quality, vibrant life Goshen is endeavoring to create for its citizens is what businesses need to thrive in the future. They added that the manufacturing muscle of the city is excellent, thanks to the city’s intentional efforts.

Indiana Chamber representatives announced the designated award at Fidler Pond Park in Goshen at a special press conference.

When receiving the award, Mayor Jeremy Stutsman acknowledged the struggle Goshen went through after the recession. Jeremy commended the community for its cooperation and work towards a common goal and vision has led to great success.

The community lives by its slogan and brand which is ‘Common good, uncommonly great.’

According to Tom Schuman, Senior Vice President of Indiana’s Chamber of Commerce, Goshen’s ‘Community of The Year’ achievement is not an outcome of one particular initiative or project. The title is a result of collaborative efforts, uniting partnerships, placemaking efforts, and groundbreaking initiatives. These, he says are a build up of many years of effort that has resulted in success.

Highlights of Goshen’s Public-Private Projects

Goshen has set a priority on the public-private relationships which are vital in any community. Hence, the city has many examples of projects where the business community and the government work together. In short, many things have made Goshen the great city it is today.

  • Development of the Hawks Arts and Enterprise Center is a significant investment attributed to the Goshen achievements. The Hawks is a historic furniture factory that was built in 1870. It now hosts 35 one and two bedroom loft apartments, making it a work and live community for entrepreneurs and artists. Hawks low-cost facilities create a conducive space for living, entertainment and working.
  • LaunchPad is another project that propelled the Goshen city into the first spot. The public-private partnership aims to develop an industrial business park into a co-working space. It caters to entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups and small businesses. Therefore, LaunchPad offers a great space for new and existing companies to grow. It has attracted investors, writers, artisans, designers, strategists among many other professionals. The project offers 24/7 access, fast internet, headphones, laptops, professional advice, boardroom space, and endless cups of coffee.
  • New and traditional community events have contributed to Goshen’s recognition. First Fridays celebrate art, food, and culture. The First Fridays event is a tradition going strong for 10 years. In addition, the River Bend Film Festival and Maple City Cultural Festival are new.
  • Education and business leaders collaborate on higher education achievements and K-12 emphasizing lifelong learning.
  • Development of over 30 miles designated trails which connect Goshen to adjacent communities. As a result, improved walking and biking routes.

Award Presentation

Stutsman says the award is a result of the many partnerships that the community has built between the government and private entities. In addition, the award highlights the unity of people geared towards enhancing the quality of life in Goshen.

President of Goshen Chamber of Commerce, Nick Kieffer, added that the community deserves the award as it recognizes the efforts of the community’s hard work.

The city’s official award was presented November 7th at the Annual Awards Dinner at the Indiana Convention Centre in Indianapolis.

Digital Hill is pleased to contribute in a small way by developing the Goshen city website, a primary communication tool.

Multiple Websites in One for Days Corp-315

Multiple Websites in One for Days Corp

Multiple Websites in One for Days Corp-315
For over a century, Days Corp has provided services to manufacturing companies across Indiana. From the days of horse-drawn buggies, Days has worked alongside the regional economic powerhouses.

While the time of horse-drawn buggies has long passed, Days Corp has continued to grow as an influencer in several industries. Currently, there are 5 divisions and affiliates in the corporation. To represent the modern structure of the corporation, the Days Corp site has been designed utilizing a mobile responsive, multi-site system.

The Benefits of a Multi-Site System

With 6 sites, the Days Corp website is designed to allow site visitors to go directly to the division they need. Not only does this coincide with the current company operations, this allows for tighter organization. The ability to host multiple websites on a single domain, using shared design and branding, allows easier access to key parts of the organization. With a WordPress Multi-site backend, site management is easily handled with one master administration login area.

Let’s look at a few of the main sites on the Days Corp domain:

The Main Site

The main site provides access to the other sites while serving as the main hub for information on Days Corp. From the navigation and footer bars, one can access news, get access to affiliate sites, corporation history, and contact information.

Days Machinery Movers

Days Machinery Movers has been moving machinery and offering assembly and disassembly services for over 50 years. This site has a similar look to the main site while retaining its own particular design. While it keeps the news section, this site focuses on offering information on the moving services division of the company. Like the main site, one can access the other sites from the footer. In the navigation bar, the “Other Days Services” tab

Days Distribution and Logistics

As a supply chain partner, Days Distribution and Logistics offers warehousing and transportation services. This site features a photos gallery and access to the customer portal.

Days Export Packing

For 3 decades, Days Export Packing has been providing manufacturers with the latest in packing technology. Therefore, this site is designed to highlight the innovative techniques of the packing division of Days.

Equalizer Systems

Days Corp affiliate, Equalizer Systems provides hydraulic services across the industry as well as installations. Powered by an eCommerce system, customers can buy leveling systems and trailer jacks for their vehicles in the online store.

The WordPress multi-site structure of the Days Corp site lends itself perfectly to the representation of the operations under the Days umbrella. The interconnections between each site make it simple to navigate between sites.

For site admins, managing a WordPress multi-site system makes it easier to manage content and maintain support across all sites. There’s no need to use multiple logins to access individual sites. Instead, one can login to a single content management system. As a result, the Days Corp’s multi-site system allows them to highlight their individual divisions and reach new customers in the modern age while being easy to maintain and update.

Have multiple brands or companies and want to manage them easily all in one place? Contact Digital Hill to see if t a WordPress Multi-site system is right for your company.

Speciality Website- Region 8 Education Service Center 600

Speciality Website: Region 8 Education Service Center

Speciality Website- Region 8 Education Service Center 600

Region 8 Education Service Center connects educational resources to school districts across Northeast Indiana. With a newly designed website, Region 8 has expanded its ability to provide access to professional development, cooperative purchasing, and employee services.

Region 8’s New Website

The new website has been designed so resources are easy to find and the overall look is attractive and cohesive. The drop-down menus on the navigation bar allow site visitors to find content easily.

When images in the sliding gallery are hovered over with the cursor, the pictures and links are animated and highlighted. Each link in the gallery is accompanied by a relevant image.

Outside of the surface features, the website is well organized. Starting at the home page, the site is segmented into links to groups of resources that pertain to a particular audience or concern. Currently, there are five main sections:

Professional Development

Educators looking to improve or build on skills can access the Professional Development section for a wide selection of courses and workshops as well as a personalized development plan.

Educational Resources

School districts seeking to expand the learning opportunities in their classrooms can get lesson plans and training kits.

Substitute Services

Scheduling absences or picking up substitute work is easy with specialized phone and website support.

Employee Consortium

Prospects looking for work at Region 8’s schools and districts can search job openings and apply.

Cooperative Purchasing

For schools looking to get resources and supplies into the classroom at lower costs, Region 8 helps them take advantage of district-wide negotiations and savings. These have been sorted into an accessible catalog.

Other New Features

  • News – With the Upcoming Events widget, visitors can glimpse the events (workshops, updates, and cancellations) coming for Region 8.
  • Calendar – A calendar has been integrated into the site. Visitors can get a monthly, weekly, or daily view of past, current, or future events. The calendar’s events are also color coded with a legend for easy identification.
  • Responsive Gallery – The galleries on the homepage are user-friendly and draw attention to important links of the website. They are also an excellent representation of the site’s responsive capability. The swipe-able galleries are accessible with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger across a mobile screen.
  • Newsletter – Those wanting to stay updated on Region 8 news and events are invited to subscribe to a newsletter located at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Social Media Integration – Region 8’s Facebook profile is linked to so that site visitors can jump from the site directly to their Facebook and follow them.

Designed by Digital Hill, Region 8’s new website has been designed to provide ease of use for teachers, admins, substitutes, and anyone else looking for information on Region 8 school resources. Efficient and organized, the website helps Region 8 fulfill their mission of connecting resources with the schools that need them.