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Goshen Named Community of the Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Goshen Named Community of the Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce-315Goshen Indiana has been awarded the title of Community of The Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Indiana Chamber officials indicated the quality, vibrant life Goshen is endeavoring to create for its citizens is what businesses need to thrive in the future. They added that the manufacturing muscle of the city is excellent, thanks to the city’s intentional efforts.

Indiana Chamber representatives announced the designated award at Fidler Pond Park in Goshen at a special press conference.

When receiving the award, Mayor Jeremy Stutsman acknowledged the struggle Goshen went through after the recession. Jeremy commended the community for its cooperation and work towards a common goal and vision has led to great success.

The community lives by its slogan and brand which is ‘Common good, uncommonly great.’

According to Tom Schuman, Senior Vice President of Indiana’s Chamber of Commerce, Goshen’s ‘Community of The Year’ achievement is not an outcome of one particular initiative or project. The title is a result of collaborative efforts, uniting partnerships, placemaking efforts, and groundbreaking initiatives. These, he says are a build up of many years of effort that has resulted in success.

Highlights of Goshen’s Public-Private Projects

Goshen has set a priority on the public-private relationships which are vital in any community. Hence, the city has many examples of projects where the business community and the government work together. In short, many things have made Goshen the great city it is today.

  • Development of the Hawks Arts and Enterprise Center is a significant investment attributed to the Goshen achievements. The Hawks is a historic furniture factory that was built in 1870. It now hosts 35 one and two bedroom loft apartments, making it a work and live community for entrepreneurs and artists. Hawks low-cost facilities create a conducive space for living, entertainment and working.
  • LaunchPad is another project that propelled the Goshen city into the first spot. The public-private partnership aims to develop an industrial business park into a co-working space. It caters to entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups and small businesses. Therefore, LaunchPad offers a great space for new and existing companies to grow. It has attracted investors, writers, artisans, designers, strategists among many other professionals. The project offers 24/7 access, fast internet, headphones, laptops, professional advice, boardroom space, and endless cups of coffee.
  • New and traditional community events have contributed to Goshen’s recognition. First Fridays celebrate art, food, and culture. The First Fridays event is a tradition going strong for 10 years. In addition, the River Bend Film Festival and Maple City Cultural Festival are new.
  • Education and business leaders collaborate on higher education achievements and K-12 emphasizing lifelong learning.
  • Development of over 30 miles designated trails which connect Goshen to adjacent communities. As a result, improved walking and biking routes.

Award Presentation

Stutsman says the award is a result of the many partnerships that the community has built between the government and private entities. In addition, the award highlights the unity of people geared towards enhancing the quality of life in Goshen.

President of Goshen Chamber of Commerce, Nick Kieffer, added that the community deserves the award as it recognizes the efforts of the community’s hard work.

The city’s official award was presented November 7th at the Annual Awards Dinner at the Indiana Convention Centre in Indianapolis.

Digital Hill is pleased to contribute in a small way by developing the Goshen city website, a primary communication tool.

Multiple Websites in One for Days Corp-315

Multiple Websites in One for Days Corp

Multiple Websites in One for Days Corp-315
For over a century, Days Corp has provided services to manufacturing companies across Indiana. From the days of horse-drawn buggies, Days has worked alongside the regional economic powerhouses.

While the time of horse-drawn buggies has long passed, Days Corp has continued to grow as an influencer in several industries. Currently, there are 5 divisions and affiliates in the corporation. To represent the modern structure of the corporation, the Days Corp site has been designed utilizing a mobile responsive, multi-site system.

The Benefits of a Multi-Site System

With 6 sites, the Days Corp website is designed to allow site visitors to go directly to the division they need. Not only does this coincide with the current company operations, this allows for tighter organization. The ability to host multiple websites on a single domain, using shared design and branding, allows easier access to key parts of the organization. With a WordPress Multi-site backend, site management is easily handled with one master administration login area.

Let’s look at a few of the main sites on the Days Corp domain:

The Main Site

The main site provides access to the other sites while serving as the main hub for information on Days Corp. From the navigation and footer bars, one can access news, get access to affiliate sites, corporation history, and contact information.

Days Machinery Movers

Days Machinery Movers has been moving machinery and offering assembly and disassembly services for over 50 years. This site has a similar look to the main site while retaining its own particular design. While it keeps the news section, this site focuses on offering information on the moving services division of the company. Like the main site, one can access the other sites from the footer. In the navigation bar, the “Other Days Services” tab

Days Distribution and Logistics

As a supply chain partner, Days Distribution and Logistics offers warehousing and transportation services. This site features a photos gallery and access to the customer portal.

Days Export Packing

For 3 decades, Days Export Packing has been providing manufacturers with the latest in packing technology. Therefore, this site is designed to highlight the innovative techniques of the packing division of Days.

Equalizer Systems

Days Corp affiliate, Equalizer Systems provides hydraulic services across the industry as well as installations. Powered by an eCommerce system, customers can buy leveling systems and trailer jacks for their vehicles in the online store.

The WordPress multi-site structure of the Days Corp site lends itself perfectly to the representation of the operations under the Days umbrella. The interconnections between each site make it simple to navigate between sites.

For site admins, managing a WordPress multi-site system makes it easier to manage content and maintain support across all sites. There’s no need to use multiple logins to access individual sites. Instead, one can login to a single content management system. As a result, the Days Corp’s multi-site system allows them to highlight their individual divisions and reach new customers in the modern age while being easy to maintain and update.

Have multiple brands or companies and want to manage them easily all in one place? Contact Digital Hill to see if t a WordPress Multi-site system is right for your company.

Speciality Website- Region 8 Education Service Center 600

Speciality Website: Region 8 Education Service Center

Speciality Website- Region 8 Education Service Center 600

Region 8 Education Service Center connects educational resources to school districts across Northeast Indiana. With a newly designed website, Region 8 has expanded its ability to provide access to professional development, cooperative purchasing, and employee services.

Region 8’s New Website

The new website has been designed so resources are easy to find and the overall look is attractive and cohesive. The drop-down menus on the navigation bar allow site visitors to find content easily.

When images in the sliding gallery are hovered over with the cursor, the pictures and links are animated and highlighted. Each link in the gallery is accompanied by a relevant image.

Outside of the surface features, the website is well organized. Starting at the home page, the site is segmented into links to groups of resources that pertain to a particular audience or concern. Currently, there are five main sections:

Professional Development

Educators looking to improve or build on skills can access the Professional Development section for a wide selection of courses and workshops as well as a personalized development plan.

Educational Resources

School districts seeking to expand the learning opportunities in their classrooms can get lesson plans and training kits.

Substitute Services

Scheduling absences or picking up substitute work is easy with specialized phone and website support.

Employee Consortium

Prospects looking for work at Region 8’s schools and districts can search job openings and apply.

Cooperative Purchasing

For schools looking to get resources and supplies into the classroom at lower costs, Region 8 helps them take advantage of district-wide negotiations and savings. These have been sorted into an accessible catalog.

Other New Features

  • News – With the Upcoming Events widget, visitors can glimpse the events (workshops, updates, and cancellations) coming for Region 8.
  • Calendar – A calendar has been integrated into the site. Visitors can get a monthly, weekly, or daily view of past, current, or future events. The calendar’s events are also color coded with a legend for easy identification.
  • Responsive Gallery – The galleries on the homepage are user-friendly and draw attention to important links of the website. They are also an excellent representation of the site’s responsive capability. The swipe-able galleries are accessible with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger across a mobile screen.
  • Newsletter – Those wanting to stay updated on Region 8 news and events are invited to subscribe to a newsletter located at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Social Media Integration – Region 8’s Facebook profile is linked to so that site visitors can jump from the site directly to their Facebook and follow them.

Designed by Digital Hill, Region 8’s new website has been designed to provide ease of use for teachers, admins, substitutes, and anyone else looking for information on Region 8 school resources. Efficient and organized, the website helps Region 8 fulfill their mission of connecting resources with the schools that need them.

2 Websites in One - Multi-Site Website-315

2 Websites in One – Multi-Site Website

2 Websites in One - Multi-Site Website-315Providing quality and reliable service is the name of the game for OEM product provider, ObeCo Inc. ObeCo Inc has the products and solutions you need. Based out of Goshen, Indiana, ObeCo Inc. ships their products worldwide. With a new website from Digital Hill, they can serve their customers even better.

Mobile Responsiveness

Digital Hill sites are designed with both mobile devices and desktops in mind. As a large number of internet users browse with smartphones and tablets, having a mobile responsive site enhances the user experience.

Blogging for SEO

A resource center gives businesses the ability to keep their customers updated and their site fresh and relevant by blogging. ObeCo contains a News section they can post to at any time. Digital Hill’s CMS system makes it simple to update, and SEO optimize the blog.

Two Websites in One

2 Websites in One - Multi-Site Website-1Arriving on gives you access to 2 websites – Obie Organized and ObeCo. Having 2 domains gives ObeCo Inc. the chance to separate their customer base and direct them to the website that best serves their needs.

Organized Obie has a wide range of products for owners of trailers, boats, or homes that need storage and organizational solutions. Organized Obie’s sister site, ObeCo, is designed for business owners in search of high-quality OEM parts.

Multisite Website System

2 Websites in One - Multi-Site Website-2Managing several websites at once can be difficult. This is especially true when you have to deal with different content management systems (CMS). With Digital Hill’s multi-site system, it is easy for a single manager to handle multiple sites at a time.

The multi-site system offers a business the ability to segment their sites based on purpose or topic rather than just lumping them all on a single site. This makes it simpler for both the manager and the customer to access the parts of the site they need.

With a single sign in, site managers can create, edit, and share content across every site in the system. Another benefit is that sites are created with a cohesive brand look and are simply managed from one central login location.

ObeCo Inc’s new website was made possible by Digital Hill, a web solutions provider that has served companies across the United States for decades. If you are interested in software solutions for your business, contact Digital Hill.  Interested in a multisite website system for your brands or companies?  Contact us today.


Where to Put Marketing Videos on your Website-315

Where to Put Marketing Videos on your Website

Where to Put Marketing Videos on your Website-315

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Video is the new “it” item in marketing, and you need to work it into your digital marketing strategy if you want to keep up. It’s not going to go away.  Video communicates more, faster, and with a fullness that text and images cannot.

You’ll want to publish your videos on Facebook and YouTube, but also include them on your website. Although a blog post is the most obvious location to post a video, there are many places to embed a marketing video to capture attention.

1. Embed Them On Your Home Page

Instead of stock photography, try using a video as a background cover on your website’s home page. It doesn’t need to be a huge production, and it doesn’t even need to include sound. But creating a video that shows what you do and simply embedding it into your home page’s background is a great way to draw users into your website and get them interested in your product or service.

2. Create a Video Library

Creating an educational video series can be a great way to attract new leads. Put a video library on your website to house each of these videos, and include all your videos. Password protect your video training and use it as a lead magnet to generate new subscribers for your email list in exchange for access to the page.

3. Replace Product/Service Images

Instead of using a gallery of images to show off your products, embed a video that shows a more in-depth look at what you do. Video converts better than images, so replacing your product images with a video can generate new customers and revenue.

4. Place on Your About Page

Create a video showing off your company culture, how you create your products, and explain a bit about your company’s mission. Talking about these things in a video on your about page can help potential customers get a feel for your business.

5. Place on Your Hiring Page

Planning on doing a lot of hiring soon? Create a recruitment video that interviews your employees about why they love working for your company, show off what it’s like to work for your business, and any perks or team building that your business does. This can be fun video content for your customers to see, but it’s targeted for potential hires.

6. Employee Pages

If your company has an internal sales team and makes a lot of outbound sales, create a video for each of your salespeople. When your clients work closely with your sales team, it will help them get an idea of who they’re working with, and why your business is better than the competition. Your sales team will seem personable when you offer a more personalized introduction between your salesperson and your customer.

There are so many different types of marketing videos and different ways to use them. Each is a different strategy for promoting your business and bringing in new customers. We recommend trying at least a few of these unique methods with your video marketing. - Western Apparel and Equestrian Supplies eCommerce Website-315 – Western Apparel and Equestrian Supplies eCommerce Website - Western Apparel and Equestrian Supplies eCommerce Website-315
For over 40 years, Al-Bar has brought the best of Western and English tack apparel to Northern Indiana. At Al-Bar, you can find a wide range of products for the horse and rider. With their newly designed website,, Al-Bar can now bring western apparel to the world on any device.

A design feature of the site includes the easy for customers to quickly and effortlessly find products or services. Whether it’s hunting boots, saddles, or horse treats, a rider can find most of what they need in the drop down navigation bar menu.

If they can’t find a product by glancing through the navigation, the site includes a search feature. Beyond the basics, the new Al-Bar website stands out with several features:

Mobile Responsiveness

Riders on-the-go now have the ability to browse with their mobile phone. Visitors to the site receive a seamless web experience.

Whether they are on a smartphone or tablet, visitors won’t be hampered by clunky, slow, or incompatible design while trying to browse on the small screen. Mobile-friendly sites are useful for the customer, and mobile responsiveness is preferred by Google.


Imagery delivers a message faster than text. The homepage of, offers a dynamic video. In a few frames, the video gives the client a feel for the values Al-Bar represents – hard work, resilience, and self-reliance.


As a marketing strategy, discounts, deals, and coupons attract consumers to your site. With announcements in the news section, the site can announce upcoming and current coupons to encourage people to buy products.


A big sector of shopping is online. Businesses have been increasingly looking into developing eCommerce solutions for their websites.  As a result of this new design, allows customers to shop online, selecting items as they move around the site. - Western Apparel and Equestrian Supplies eCommerce Website-315(1)

When they’ve found the items they’re looking for, they can review their items in the shopping cart before buying. At the shopping cart, they can add or remove items, change quantities, and check out.

This eCommerce website gives the site admin the ability to update product descriptions, therefore, consumers get a sense of what they’re buying (and why they want to buy it) and add new products.

Al-Bar’s new site was created by Digital Hill, a web solutions provider that’s been in operation for nearly 20 years. If you’re interested in a new site, implementing eCommerce, or a host of other services, reach out to Digital Hill. - Device Management for Schools-315 – Device Management for Schools - Device Management for Schools-315Linked to higher test scores, 1:1 initiatives can be a great addition to school districts. With the hopes of bringing technology into the classroom, 1:1 technology has been thought of as a way to boost student participation and achievement. However, one thing that stands in the way of a successful initiative is inventory and device management.

Positive1to1’s device management technology helps takes some of the pressure off of deployment and day-to-day coordination and maintenance of school technology. The management software gives schools the ability to issue a device to every student while tracking each device’s repair status.

Positive1to1 offers support for schools and districts for the following areas:

  • Student orientation and training
  • Resource and lifecycle management
  • Student use policies
  • Repair management
  • Device buyout
  • Informing and communicating with parents

Supporting Students and The School Community

By offering support, Positive1to1 helps you keep the benefits of 1-to-1 technology. As well as maximize them for the students in your district. One-to-one deployment doesn’t end with a laptop or tablet in the hands of every student. Students receive training on the proper use of their devices. Positive1to1 also continues to support students through further education.

Instead of relying solely on third party repairs, students are trained in the proper use of their devices as well as repair, saving money on repair costs. For students that have become intrigued with technology and want to learn more, Positive1to1 offers further training in hardware and software services.

An All In One Management System

Many 1:1 programs fail when they don’t have a cohesive management system. Think of all the wasted resources that occur when there is no device tracking and accountability. With hundreds of devices, numerous users accessing records, and inaccurate manual record keeping, it becomes near impossible to maintain a 1-to-1 initiative.

Positive1to1 management software solution avoids these problems by allowing staff to manage devices with more ease. Instead of creating a patchwork of documents and spreadsheets for device tracking, automated software provides an accurate insight into inventory tracking. Issuing devices to students and getting each student trained is no longer an unmanageable hassle. When it comes time for devices to be replaced or repairs, it takes less time for a student to be issued a new one.

Positive1to1 helps schools gain educational opportunities for students. It empowering them to be self-sufficient, efficient, and maintain strong 1:1 initiatives. Learn more about  and the benefits of a 1:1 software system by contacting us today!

Advanced Map Feature Website_

Advanced Map Feature Website:

Advanced Map Feature Website_, currently based in Indiana, has been manufacturing water treatment units since 1988. Now with a new website, the company can showcase their service to a wider audience. is designed to highlight the company. In addition, the site offers functionality for customers, potential dealers, and Hydro-Action. With a natural flow, is quick to scan. Navigating the site is easy with its organized layout.

Each section of the site is focused on quickly giving visitors the information they search for. If additional information about Hydro-Action is needed, their contact information is conveniently displayed in the footer and above the navigation bar.

Among the site’s most distinct features are:

Approval Map

Most noteworthy is the Approval Map which is a “must see” feature!  This map of the U.S. and Canada serves as an overview of the locations in which Hydro-Action has been approved. Hovering over each state provides information on approval status. Status ratings include Not Approved, Approved or the circumstances under which Hydro-Action can operate in a particular state. Hydro-Action can update the map as approval is granted in a state.

Hoverable Drop Down Menu

Another custom feature we designed for Hydro-Action’s site is a hoverable drop down menu bar. This navigation bar functions by letting visitors hover their cursor over the menu to choose an option. For example, the Hydro-Action link on the navigation bar expands to link to information for engineers, homeowners, regulators, and installers.

Login for Distributors

Distributors and dealers of Hydro-Action products have a separate private login. The distributor login link is found just above the navigation bar.

Additionally, the Distributor Locator link functions for the purpose of finding the Hydro-Action dealer nearest you. This page has Google Maps embedded onto it for a quick zip code search.


A resource center is a great tool for keeping the site fresh. In addition, this keeps customers and distributors updated. The News page of Hydro-Action’s site serves as the blog and is easily accessible from the navigation bar. Therefore the company can update and edit content on the blog as needed to keep visitors informed.

Mobile Responsive Design

Smartphone users do the majority of the internet searches. It’s more likely the average site will be visited by mobile users. The new site is mobile responsive and will display well on desktop and smartphone screens.

Hydro-Action’s new website was designed by Digital Hill. Need a website? Contact Digital Hill for your web design needs.

Keep Your Site Secure by Updating WordPress-315

Keep Your Site Secure by Updating WordPress

Keep Your Site Secure by Updating WordPress-315
If you’re relatively new to WordPress, chances are a notification of a new version that you should upgrade to has you break out in a cold sweat. Even if you’re a WordPress expert, you might wonder if your plugins and theme will work on the new version, and if or when you should upgrade.

The truth is, it’s a good idea to  use the latest version of WordPress and here’s why:

Stay Ahead of Hackers

WordPress is the world’s most popular website platform. So it stands to reason it’s a major target for hackers. If they can hack into one WordPress site, they can potentially access thousands.  Hacking a version of WordPress or a plugin is increasingly vulnerable the older the versions of WordPress and plugins you are using. If your security isn’t strong and up-to-date, you could lose your whole site.

WordPress is open source, which means the WordPress community at large contributes to the code. There are many people who know WP’s strengths and weaknesses. While the majority of the WordPress community is helpful and generous, there will always be a few that look to take advantage of any bugs and holes.

Wait too long to update your site, and you run the risk of having a loophole that could be exposed and thus the potential of losing control of your site. If you don’t keep your WP, theme, and plugins updated, and you process payments or store customer data you may be exposing your customer’s information to hackers.

What To Do Before You Update

You should backup your website before making any drastic changes. Just in case things don’t go according to plan. Tools like Updraftplus make this a fairly straightforward process.

In fact, it’s always a good idea to backup your site on a weekly or at least monthly basis. Because you never know what will happen.

Keep your plugins, theme, and framework up to date also. While minor WP updates may not affect the functionality of your plugins, a major update to WordPress may interfere with the functionality of your plugin.

How to Update WordPress

Updating WordPress is fairly easy. Chances are, you’ll receive an email notifying you of the update. Don’t worry about cost; the updates are free.

When you login, there will be a link on the home screen. After you’ve backed up your site, click the link and follow the prompts. Once the update is done, you’ll still need to update plugins. Then your site should be safe from malicious attacks until the next update rolls around.

Most updates go smoothly, with no downtime. But it’s always a good idea to schedule your updates for times when your site is not busy, just in case there’s a problem.

Need help and want this taken care of for you?  Let us help!  Digital Hill offers a security service where we can take care of updating your site and ensuring it has the latest versions and plugins needed.  Contact us today!




E-Commerce Website for an Online Chocolate Store_ The Nut Shoppe Chocolates-315

E-Commerce Website for an Online Chocolate Store: The Nut Shoppe Chocolates

E-Commerce Website for an Online Chocolate Store_ The Nut Shoppe Chocolates-315
The Nut Shoppe has satisfied sweet tooths in Goshen, Indiana for over 25 years. Their new website,, connects the Nut Shoppe with even more customers.

The site is as much as a delight as their confectioneries. A gallery with mouth-watering treats sits on the front page. With the search, navigation bars and item bag, customers can navigate the site quickly. Nuts, chocolates, and other products are organized so that customers can easily find what they’re looking for.

Along with an attractive design, the site has 2 features that are perfect for both the Nut Shoppe and the customer.


E-commerce stores help extend a business beyond its physical location. Therefore, customers can purchase gifts, mints, chocolates, and ingredients online in the E-Commerce store. Carefully arranged by category, products are presented with a picture, description, price, and size options.

As they shop, their orders can be accessed through the item bag (represented by a stylized shopping bag). If they want more raspberry creams, they can change the quantity right in the shopping cart. When they are ready to buy, they can simply hit the “Checkout” button, fill out the form, and have their treats shipped.

The business has full control over their store. They can add new products. Product descriptions and prices can be updated as needed.


A content management system is a back-end tool that makes managing a site much easier. Pictures, SEO, navigation links, pages, and the footer can be changed to whatever the Nut Shoppe desires.

E-Commerce Website for an Online Chocolate Store_ The Nut Shoppe Chocolates-1

Digital Hill’s CMS is perfect for the nontechnical user who wants to skip coding and get straight to business. With a CMS, multiple users can login in from anywhere and update the site. Site maintenance becomes streamlined as content management becomes collaborative and simple.

Want to quickly edit a product page? The CMS allows someone to modify a particular portion of the page without changing the others. This allows admins to keep the site’s appearance and themes consistent. The Nut Shoppe isn’t reliant on an outside vendor for site management.

E-Commerce Website for an Online Chocolate Store_ The Nut Shoppe Chocolates-2

Designed by Digital Hill,, is an attractive E-commerce website that is simple to navigate, quick to edit. It’s ideal for The Nut Shoppe to showcase their products worldwide.

The Nut Shoppe is just one of the companies that Digital Hill has built a site for. Check us out at Digital Hill’s site for more information on our web design, CMS, and other solutions.