Facebook Custom Audiences: The Secret to More Sales

Facebook Custom Audiences- The Secret to More Sales

Most people in the US use Facebook to connect with friends, “Like” Businesses, get their news and entertainment and spend time. Businesses should take a different view of Facebook. As someone that works closely with businesses on their marketing, the demographic information that Facebook is able to gather is amazing. For this reason, alone Facebook is the #1 tool you can have in your marketing toolbox.

Let’s see how this is possible.

If you use Facebook you voluntarily, give up large amounts of information that Facebook uses for it ad targeting. This information comes from your “About” area in your profile. Facebook collects data on:

  • Your friends
  • The pages you’ve liked
  • Your interests
  • Your comments, shares and likes.

The result? Very detailed data on each user and this treasure trove of data is how Facebook makes money. This data helps a business to reach a very targeted audience. Facebook lets businesses find their audiences in their Ad tools.

Facebook Ads allow businesses to find and reach their ideal target audience through the use of a wide array of demographic and related criteria including by location, gender, age range, Interests, Pages Liked, Job Titles, and more. Using the Facebook Ad tool, any business can put an ad in front of a very specific, and narrow audience of Facebook users. With this targeting, you’ll reach more people who are interested in purchasing your products and services.

Example_Facebook_Ads_Manager_for more sales

Facebook Custom Audiences:

But we’re not done there …

Within the Facebook ad manager, there is another extremely powerful tool that businesses should be using, Custom Audiences.

Custom audiences lets business target their ads to people they already have a relationship with.


A business can upload a file of their current clients names and email addresses. Facebook will match the email address to the information they have from all of the profiles. It tells you the number of matches it made, but it won’t tell you who it matches. You may get a custom audience of 650 if you upload a list of 1,000 customers. That means 650 Facebook users matched the email addresses you uploaded.

Smart business know the best and least expensive way to make more sales is to sell to existing customers. You don’t have to convince your current customers your product or service is valuable. They already know it is because they’ve already purchased from you. Using the Custom Audience tool to target your current clients just makes sense. A business can feature a new product or a product add-on. It’s an easy sell.

Website Custom Audience:

Facebook gives a business a code snippet to add to their website page. When a website visitor lands on the website page with the code snippet, it registers and sends the information back to Facebook. Once the website visitor goes back to Facebook the business/advertiser, will push an ad to the website visitor. You’ve probably already seen this and were creeped out by it. “Why are these tire ads following me everywhere?” It’s not just happenstance its Facebook ad retargeting.

Facebook Lookalike Audience:

You can find more of your best customers on Facebook. You can replicate an exact copy of the demographics of your best customers. “Lookalike Audience” in Facebook can help you find your next, new “best” client.

Here’s how you can use it:

Create a Custom Audience from your existing customers. Then create a “lookalike” audience which matches the demographic profile of your customers, which you will use to target with ads. For example, your customer base is males, from 28 to 42, who live in the northwestern United States and are interest in rock climbing and long distance hiking. The audience holds job titles like Vice President of Communications and VP of Marketing. Facebook uses all their demographic information to give you a whole new audience that is exactly the same as your current customers.

Lookalike Audience is very powerful! It uses all the data Facebook has collected to help businesses find new clients that match the exact demographic of your current clients.

You can find all of these tools in the Ad Manager. It is time for your business to use the power Facebook Ads tools to reach your most likely next customer.

Looking for more resources and help?  Check out this extensive guide to Facebook Custom audiences.

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