LinkedIn Looking to Boost Engagement Through Creators

LinkedIn-Looking-to-Boost-Engagement-Through-Creator Mode.

The scramble for social media engagement just took a new turn with the launch of LinkedIn’s “Creator Mode.” This new campaign is designed to bring even more users to the network. “Creator Mode” seeks to make LinkedIn the preferred platform among creatives and other professionals. The hope is that these creators can help boost engagement numbers on the social media network. Creator Mode is already operational in the US, where LinkedIn is partnering with select content creators to generate a buzz.

If you’re wondering how it works and whether your business stands to benefit, the following shares more about LinkedIn looking to boost engagement through Creator Mode.

What’s Creator Mode?

Creator Mode is a setting on LinkedIn personal profiles that target members who regularly publish content on the network.

LinkedIn says the primary purpose of the new feature is to help such members, known as creators, establish a presence on the platform and grow their following. It’s also ideal for building a LinkedIn community and getting discovered by more ideal clients.

“Networking on LinkedIn has evolved significantly from a focus on finding a new job and engaging with other professionals. Members now also use LinkedIn to learn new skills, ask for career guidance, and read up on industry news,” says Karen Baruch, Group Product Manager for Creator Strategy at the social media network.

“As we continue to listen to feedback from our members and consider future opportunities, we must evolve how we create more value for our creators.”

Baruch further says that “content is now a core part of how LinkedIn professionals interact with their jobs, industries, peers, and communities,” making the need even bigger for a dedicated creator feature.

What Can You Do with Creator Mode?

The best way to look at Creator Mode is a marketing and brand-building tool for social media users who regularly publish and share content. It allows you to;

Grow your following

Research shows that 50% of LinkedIn member follows come from profile views. Considering that Creator Mode changes your primary profile action from “Connect” to “Follow,” it’s easy to see how it would boost your follower numbers. However, the “Connect” option remains available for creators and the people they know. Thereby, still allowing you to grow and foster those networking connections.

Establish your authority

For a long time, LinkedIn creators have complained about limited opportunities on the network to showcase work experience. Creator Mode changes this by highlighting original posts so you can establish your voice within the professional community. You can even add hashtags to your profile intro so viewers can interact with you more easily.

Get discovered

Finally, Creator Mode makes members eligible for search and discovery results on the LinkedIn platform. Thus, making creators discoverable and giving you a unique opportunity to grow your audience. This search feature makes LinkedIn, even more, user-friendly, and can help grow your business faster.

How to Get Started with Creator Mode

If you wish to get started with Creator Mode, visit your LinkedIn account and head to Your Profile. Then proceed as follows;

  1. Head to Your Dashboard and click on Creator Mode: Off to turn on Creator Mode.
  2. Preview the changes, then click Next.
  3. Add 1-5 topics (hashtags). Make sure to select the topics you post about most. You can show these topics on your Profile Intro if you wish.
  4. Click Save.

With that done, Creator Mode is now activated on your LinkedIn account. If you wish to edit the topics, head to Your Dashboard and click Creator Mode: On.

Who Can Use Creator Mode?

At the moment, Creator Mode is only available to select influencers from the US. However, LinkedIn says it will be available to all members globally before the end of the year. Take advantage of these new features, and start to grow your LinkedIn following.