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Mobile Marketing: The Impact of Smartphones

Mobile Marketing: The Impact of Smartphones

Just in case you didn’t know, April 21st Google is improving the ranking for websites that are mobile friendly. Mobile responsive websites will rank higher in the search engine than a non-responsive website. Why is Google putting so much emphasis on mobile? Smartphones.

Today’s infographic gives some shocking statistics on the impact Smartphones and specifically iPhones are making in our lives.

  • 1.5 million smartphones are activated every day
  • 80% of the population of the world has a mobile device
  • 25% of American households do not have a land-line telephone
  • From 2010 to 2012 smartphone use by Mom’s had grown by 64%
  • Phone and tablet users spend an average of 94 minutes a day using apps
  • The average cost of owning a smartphone for more than 2 years is $3,400
  • Electronics like tablets and smartphones have the highest theft rate, surpassing cash!

Mobile devices are a permanent fixture in our technology. It’s clear that mobile marketing and mobile responsive websites are a must for your business. As smart device screens get smaller mobile responsive sites will be even more important.

Mobile Marketing: The Impact of Smartphones

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