New Green Website for Hydro-Action Launched

Beautiful waterfall hero image for new green website for Hydro-Action website.

Having a user-friendly and clean website is critical to a business’s success. As a leader in the aerobic treatment of wastewater, Hydro-Action was looking for a clean and clear website to showcase its products and services. Their new website helps to showcase not only their products but also their company vision and beliefs in preserving the environment.

The Hydro-Action website needed to be a comprehensive, easy to use, and comprehensive website, with added access for distributors. Below are the top features on the new Hydro-Action website.


It was imperative that the website was reliable, fast, and easy to update. While building the website for, Digital Hill used WordPress to create a unique layout for the Hydro-Action website. Each webpage is easy to read with each page having a similar layout. Most importantly all contact information and social media links are at the bottom of each page. By maintaining consistent branding across all webpages, the overall website offers a professional look.

Additionally, due to the easy-to-use backend of WordPress, the Hydro-Action team is able to add any updates or pages without worrying about “breaking” their website. This enables them to have a current, up-to-date website at all times.

Private Distributor Login

One of the main requirements for the new Hydro-Action website was a centralized distributor area. This private login allows dealers to sign in from anywhere using their unique password. Once logged in, dealers can view individual pricing, local deals, inventory levels, and more. By having digital access at their fingertips, dealers are now able to complete customer queries much faster.

Within the distributor area, there is also an admin area where distributors can be added, removed, or have their access edited. This area is only accessible by those with administration access, making it easier than ever to update user details when required. This also allows the administration team to track sales, queries, and more by the dealers.

Locator Map

One of the must-have features for any WordPress business website is a location map. The Hydro-Action website is no different with an interactive location map, integrated with Google Maps. Users simply type in their zip code and the map will zoom to their area and present a list of service providers nearby. Additionally, users can filter their search by Dealer, Designer, Installer, Distributor, or Service Provider adding to the level of customer satisfaction.

Mobile Optimization

As mobile and tablet use rises, it is crucial to have a mobile responsive website. As such, the Hydro-Action WordPress website is designed to adjust in size and structure to fit the viewer’s device. This not only helps retain customers but also helps to increase search engine optimization and traffic to the website.

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