Notre Dame Joyce Center New Website Launched


The Notre Dame Joyce Center celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and there’s a special present for the arena – a brand new website! Initially, information about the center was only available from the university’s main website. However, owing to its ever-growing importance to not only the university but also the community, we believe the iconic arena needed a new home; a brand new website where visitors can be treated to even greater experiences.

Home to the Fighting Irish volleyball and basketball teams, the Edmund P. Joyce Athletic & Vocation Center, commonly known as the Joyce Center, is one of Notre Dame University’s most iconic structures. The arena was opened 50 years ago, and is at the heart of some of the university’s most memorable moments; from revolutionary speeches by former presidents (Reagan and Obama) to the unforgettable Blizzard win of ‘78 where Notre Dame downed Maryland despite 40 inches of snow coming down outside!

Notre Dame needed a better place to showcase as well as preserve these memories. And what better way to do that than through a brand new website!

Highlights of the New Joyce Center Website

The following are a few key highlights now available in the Joyce Center website.

Relive the Center’s Top 50 Moments in Simple Clicks

The main idea behind the new website was to showcase the Joyce Center’s journey through the years and that’s exactly where the focus has been put. At the center of the website, below the large website header that carries the words “Relieve 50 Memorable Moments of the Joyce Center,” you’ll find thumbnails (photos and videos) of the top moments arranged from left to right. Above the thumbnails are three rectangular, clickable buttons; one to the far left, one right in the middle, and the other to the far right.

Starting with the buttons, those at the far left and right are used to scroll through the years. The button at the far left has a left-pointing arrow. Clicking on this arrow reveals five thumbnails (events) from further in the past down memory lane. The button on the far right, meanwhile, has a right-pointing arrow that when clicked reveals the next five thumbnails/events from more recent times. In total, you can click through 10 different time periods, each comprising five key events. The middle button indicates the period (given in month and year) that you’re currently viewing.

Alternatively, if you want to quickly find the period you’re interested in, just click on the down-facing arrow in the middle button. You’ll get a drop-down menu will all the ten categories. Click on the period you’re looking for to display the top five events/thumbnails from that period.

Find In-depth Information When you Select Any Event

After locating the period you’re interested in, click on an event (thumbnail) you want to relive and a new page with details of the event is displayed. For instance, when you select the period from Feb ’03 – Oct ’07, the first event on the list is “President Obama’s Commencement Speech.”

To view details of that speech, simply click on the thumbnail. You’ll be taken to a new page with; a summary of the speech, the full speech (transcribed), as well as a link to a video of the actual speech!

Enjoy Less Clutter; More Value

The new Joyce Center website stands out in simplicity and ease of getting around. You don’t have to worry about navigating through ads and flashing links. No, there’s none of that. Instead, everything on the site is about the Joyce Center. There’s an “about” section of the center at the bottom of each page.

It’s a privilege to be able to work with the University of Notre Dame team to build this new website for the Joyce Center!  Do you want your special dream project to come to life online? Reach out to our team to talk today about your web needs!