Notre Dame Scholars’ Program Website Launch


The Notre Dame Scholars’ Program has a new website! A simple, fast, and easy-to-use site designed specifically to create the best browsing experience. Among other things, the new site guarantees faster load times, enhanced navigation, and minimal clutter. Unlike in the past when you had to click through dozens of pages to access desired information, you’re now able to access our vital resources in just one or two clicks.

A Slick Homepage

The first thing you’ll notice about the homepage is simplicity. Centrally located and taking most of the space is a photo of about a hundred of our recent beneficiaries. This photo is a clear reminder of our mission and underlines the role of the new website.

A headline with the words “Notre Dame Scholars’ Program” sits right above the photo on a dark blue bar, with a search function located to the left of this headline. The search function acts as a shortcut to whichever resource you might need. Simply enter a few keywords such as “selection process” to find all resources associated with that word.

Above the headline, at the very top of the page to the extreme left and right respectively, are links to the “University of Notre Dame” and the “Office of the Provost.” The links sit on a golden brown bar.

To the left of the photo is the main menu with links to:

  • Home
  • About the Program
  • Awards
  • Enrichment Funding
  • Intellectual Life
  • Community

All the links work brilliantly. Therefore, you should land on the desired page in fast fashion. Below the photo are links you can use to “View all Awards” or view the “Awards by Category.”

Scrolling down reveals the program’s mission summarized in four paragraphs after which you’ll find sections on “Featured Scholar,” News,” and “Events.” The “Featured Scholar” section highlights high performing members of the program, summarizing their accomplishments in a short paragraph. The “News” section brings you the latest news from the Scholars’ Program while the “Events” section rounds up some of the most exciting events (think retreats, memorials, special classes, and film screenings) that you might be interested in.

At the bottom of the page are the program’s contact information to the extreme left and the university’s logo to the extreme right.

More on the Menu Items

We’ve already discussed the “Home” page. The other menu items take you to the following information;

About the Program

This section takes you to a new page where you can learn all about the Notre Dame Scholars’ Program, from when it began to qualifications and what’s expected of selected students.
Awards: Loads a new page with information about the different scholarship programs. Among others, you’ll learn about the different scholarship categories and selection timelines. Links to the various programs are provided.

Enrichment Funding

This area is about funding programs available besides the main cost of attendance funding. You’ll discover excellent enrichment and experience funding opportunities. A link with information on “Accessing Enrichment Funding” is provided.

Intellectual Life

Intellectual life takes you to resources on student preparation, opportunities, and mentoring. The resources include; ethical leadership courses, special seminars, tutorials, and mentoring programs.


The Community area reveals everything you need to know about the Scholars’ Lounge. Additionally, sub-menu links to the “Faculty Director” and “Staff” are provided.


Items on the main menu are written in white and appear against a dark blue background. When an item is selected (clicked), the background changes to golden brown. Where applicable, sub-menu items will appear below the selected main menu item. These sub-menu items are links too that you can use to discover more information on a given subject.

Updateable CMS Manager

Easy to update with the website manager, the team behind the Notre Dame Scholars program can keep the site current and up-to-date easily by logging into the backend to manage content without needing to know any coding and HTML.

Is your organization in need of a new website?  Explore the possibilities with us! Contact us today to start the journey.