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YouTube's Super Thanks new feature.

Super Thanks is Changing Monetization on Youtube

Super Thanks, a new YouTube feature, allows fans to donate to their favorite creators directly on the YouTube platform. Here's what to know.

Introduction to YouTube Ads

Add YouTube Ads to your digital marketing. Showcase your business or products during videos your target audience watches. How to get started.
Why It’s Important to Caption Your YouTube and Facebook Videos-315

Why It’s Important to Caption Your YouTube and Facebook Videos

Online marketers have been reaping the rewards from using video in their content marketing. Hopefully, you’ve found success using video too. Now, we take a careful look at Video Captioning. Before you veto this on the grounds that it will take too much time, understand the immense value you’d be leaving on the table. Three […]
5 YouTube Metrics You Need to Track-315

5 YouTube Metrics You Need to Track

YouTube is no longer an untamed wild, full of viewers scrambling for media content. Now, viewers know what they want and make harsh decisions about which channels get their precious time. That’s why everyone from aspiring celebrities to businesses looking to snag a few extra customers should use data analytics to assess the success of […]