Triangle Rubber Pivots During Coronavirus to Offer Ecommerce


The global COVID-19 crisis has tested people, government, industries, and supply chains like never before. Amidst the outbreak, there’s been an urgent need for businesses to adopt a quality website. One such business is Triangle Rubber and Plastics, who have their hearts, heads, and hands unified in responding safely during this difficult time. Part of this was needing to update their website functionality. We have built Triangle Rubber and Plastics an eCommerce area using WordPress and Woocommerce to seamlessly provide customers with the products they need.

What makes the Triangle Rubber and Plastics eCommerce site valuable? We implemented these three key features to boost online presence and drive traffic to their website.

1. Easy to Use and Navigate

To start, categories and sections of a website should be carefully presented. They should be easy for customers to find. Additionally, they should be able to find the information they are looking for without struggling.

On the Triangle Rubber and Plastic eCommerce site, the photos of the products automatically attract the user’s eye. The prices are well-displayed beneath the photos for buyers to find. Adding to the shopping cart is just a click of a button, and is clearly shown in the right-hand corner. Further, there’s a detailed breakdown of the kit contents that boosts the overall functionality of the site.

2. The Checkout is Super Simple

Once a shopper has finished shopping, they proceed to the shopping cart. The entire checkout process fits on a single page to let them complete the purchase easily.

Here, there’s total transparency. Customers aren’t faced with an unexpected charge (or fee) that increases the cost of the item significantly. Any shipping costs and sales tax are clearly marked upfront in the clean checkout process.

It’s equally important to outline the payment methods clearly. Conveniently, the Triangle Rubber and Plastics site allow the customer to make a payment with a credit card via Stripe. Additionally, they can pay 50% by ACH.

Another big plus of the eCommerce site is allowing the shopper to pick their shipping destination. This then adjusts the total price of the purchase on a real-time basis.

3. More Than Just an eCommerce Site

Triangle Rubber and Plastics have set themselves apart from their competition by offering relevant information to their customers. This includes encouraging buyers to read the instructions before wearing or cleaning the products. Additionally, there is an entire section where they can find the care and cleaning instructions of each item in-store.

To take it a step further, there are links to reliable sources such as CDC guidelines on how to don and remove contaminated equipment. Simple things like this make the website professional and customer friendly.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Quality Website!

Broadly speaking, no one saw a pandemic on this scale coming. At this time, you cannot overlook the importance of a quality website. You should implement the features that we have including on this site to immensely boost the sales and revenues of your business.

Luckily, this site was adopted just in time to ease the ordering, purchase, and delivery of vital equipment needed. Not only has it imparted simplicity, but it has also integrated a professional yet easy ordering and checkout process for Triangle Rubber and Plastics.

To get your eCommerce store professionally built, contact us today.