Facebook Custom Audiences: The Secret to More Sales

Facebook Custom Audiences- The Secret to More Sales

Most people in the US use Facebook to connect with friends, “Like” Businesses, get their news and entertainment and spend time. Businesses should take a different view of Facebook. As someone that works closely with businesses on their marketing, the Read more [...]

New Responsive Website for Miller Brother Builders


Digital Hill Multimedia Inc. is excited to announce the release of a new responsive website for Miller Brother Builders. The company Miller Brothers Builders now has a fresh and newly designed website for desktop, mobile and tablet Read more [...]

Should Your Business Have a Smartphone App?

Should Your Business Have a Smartphone

The statistics are astounding…

We have become a mobile computing society. Read more [...]

How Facebook and Email Nurture Campaigns Work Together

Email Nurture Campaigns

“Be sure to like our Facebook page” is one of those phrases that can sometimes earn a business a hearty “yeah right.”

That’s because, to some, the social network has been irritating as the visibility of posts by Pages has declined Read more [...]

How to Amplify Your Content Publishing Strategy for Reach


Everyone is talking about using content marketing today, but what exactly is it and why does it work so effectively?

Often called inbound marketing, the content publishing approach strives to turn website visitors into customers. Using written Read more [...]