Most Important Keys for your Website Redesign

most important keys for website redesign

The web changes. It changes rapidly. It changes continually. This means your website must change.

What worked in web design 3-4 years ago can be outdated and lead to poor performance today.

As we all know, smartphones have increased nearly 100 fold Read more [...]

Visuals Make Your Content Marketing Memorable and Compelling

visual content


Now a days everyone is short on time, visual content allows people to quickly look over an article and decide if it’s worth a read. Because visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text content that use visuals get 94% more views. According to Read more [...]

The Science Behind The Viral Share Effect

viral share

There are some high quality articles out there that just don’t get the (viral) attention they deserve. How information is presented can make or break it’s sharability, so much so that people might not even get past the title. Short attention Read more [...]

Using Email Marketing to Sell


In a day when Social Media is the rage, the reality is that email remains as strong, if not stronger than ever, as a business means to educate and sell online. Email is a universally used tool that everyone sits down to check at work or home. Read more [...]

Do Industry and Competitive Research Efficiently with Feedly

competitive research

As business owners and marketers we are always busy.

We know it’s important to keep up on industry trends. We need to stay current and ahead of the competition. Yet we have limited time.

How can we stay current efficiently on industry Read more [...]