Website and Online Marketing Solution for Pacemaker Buildings

Pacemaker Buildings

Pacemaker Buildings came to Digital Hill with a common problem, they needed a website and an online marketing solution.  Their list of needs and issues included:

Website and Online Marketing Issues to be Resolved:

  • Website was not update-able by them
  • Site was not mobile friendly Read more [...]

Mobile App or Mobile Website: Which is right for your business?

mobile website

Here at Digital Hill, besides developing top notch websites, we develop Apps for iOS and Android devices. When meeting with potential clients, we commonly hear them say they need an App for their company. In some cases, they do, and in some Read more [...]

Growing your Online Marketing Effectiveness with Tools

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The goal always is to grow your online presence and for it to become a driving force in generating more sales for your business.  With that being noted, key foundations include the following:

Keys for Growing your Online Marketing Start Read more [...]

Google Alerts Alternative: Talkwalker Alerts


Want to track web mentions of your business?

Are you seeking a Google Alerts alternative?

Time to Consider Talkwalker Alerts!

As web and mobile Internet use has increased over the past three years, an important consideration for Read more [...]

Social Media Efficiencies: 5 Tips to be More Productive


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Does the idea of “Social Media Efficiencies” seem appealing and yet impossible? Are you overwhelmed at times by the sheer volume of information flowing at you online each day? Read more [...]