10 Instagram Carousel Post Ideas

10 Instagram Carousel Post IdeasInstagram recently introduced its enhanced carousel post feature that lets you upload up to 10 videos or photos — or a mix of those — in one swipeable post.

If you aren’t excited about this development, you should be. There are so many things you can do with it for your business!


The carousel is the ideal format to present simple tutorials online. Your followers will find your lessons easy to learn because of the text and visual content. You can teach arts and crafts, life hacks, etc. What can you use it for?

Quote series

To inspire and motivate your followers, share several quotes relevant to your industry. The great thing about this is that you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create these. Use an application like Canva or Recite. The end results look professional and sleek, even if it took less than 5 minutes to make them.

Multiple testimonials

You can also create customer testimonials in the same format as quotes and present them as a carousel. This is effective for trust-building. Include a photo of the customer (with their permission, of course), so your followers can put a face to the name.

Event snapshots

Gone are the days when you have to make multiple posts on Instagram to share photos from an event. Now, you no longer have to flood your followers’ feeds. Compile the pictures and post them in one go.

Event highlights

You can also take photos of an event’s highlights – like keynote speakers, for example – and share them as a package. Your followers who weren’t at the event won’t feel like they missed anything because you’re there to fill them in.

Sizzle reels

You’ve seen sizzle reels before even if you didn’t know what they were. A sizzle reel is a short, fast-paced video that incorporates audio and visual elements to grab attention and promote someone or something. Instagram carousel is made for this, so start making those videos now.

Team spotlight

Who’s who behind the scenes? Let followers get to know your business by featuring staff members and employees in a carousel post. It’s a good way to humanize your brand

Aside from those general suggestions, try out these suggestions if they apply to your business:

Property listings

Beautifully presented pictures of properties with informative captions can elicit enough interest from potential buyers and renters to make an inquiry or even a visit. Real estate agents can use the carousel format to present properties in the same area.

Fashion suggestions

Shop owners, fashion designers, and brands can showcase their clothes through a series of looks their followers can wear. They can create themes per carousel post – by season, style, garment, color, and anything else they want!

Recipe breakdowns

Chefs, restaurateurs, grocers, and bakers can experiment with delicious recipes and share the step-by-step process along with the results.  It’s no surprise that food posts are among the most popular on Instagram. People can’t resist yummy creations especially those with beautiful presentations.

There’s so much you can do with Instagram carousel ads, so unleash your creativity. They’re not only compelling to share – they’re also easy to create. With Instagram growing in use by adults and older adults, it’s become a business marketing destination where your business needs to be represented.