8 Easy Ways to Keep Visitors on Your Website


Thanks to our friends over at Red Web Design for this helpful graphic!

  1. Avoid Excessive Advertising
    Ads can be a helpful monetizing tool, but too many are annoying!
  2. Make Your Website Lightning-Fast
    Many users are impatient and will leave if delayed. Reduce image sizes, use a caching plugin, and keep code clear of unnecessary inclusions.
  3. Have A Clear Site Navigational Menu
    Make it easy for visitors to find the information they need.
  4. Make Sure Text Is Easy To Read: Simple Font, Color, Etc.
    You can have the most valuable information in the world, but if no one can read it, it’s useless!
  5. Make Sure The Design Of Your Site Is Appealing
    Your design sets the tone of your brand. Make a good impression!
  6. Optimize For Mobile
    Make sure it’s mobile friendly.
  7. Content Is King
    Make sure your content is valuable. This extends to both your blog and your core pages.
  8. Interlink Your Internal Pages
    Easily increase your click-through rate by interlinking your internal pages.